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   Chapter 499 Mark Belongs To Me (Part Two)

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Lisa gazed into Mark. To her eyes, he was absolutely adorable. Whenever she saw him, she thought back to that winter when Brian and Molly were still together. She'd never seen Brian like that. At that time, even though Brian never showed it in his face, she could tell how happy he was with Molly by his side.

She could not help but sigh as she recalled this. Her mind was still racing as she left the garden. Mark had already been here for several days and he was adjusting quite well, polite and friendly to everyone. Except for one thing: he acted entirely different around Brian. It was like they were enemies. It was like living proof of the old proverb: "A father's worst enemy is his own son."

"Mom," Lucy said as she looked at Brian, "Are you sure that he's Brian and Molly's son?"

Lucy was abroad when all of this happened so she was excited to come back when she heard the news. She was so surprised that she couldn't get out a single word. As the years passed, so many things had changed and that included her love towards Brian.

"Yes, Mr. Brian said so himself that Mark is his son." Lisa responded as she walked back towards the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Since Mark had started living here, Brian always came back to have dinner with him no matter how busy he was.

Lucy was still standing, mouth agape, still shocked at Lisa's words. She fixed her gaze at Mark who was staring intently at the piece of cake that Lisa had just brought him. The cake was still untouched. A gleam seemed to shine from her eyes.


The night breeze this summer was cool and pleasant.

Molly stood at the entrance of the Grand Night Casino where she had been waiting for Brian. She waited for days on end only to be disappointed by the end of each day. She knew that Brian was deliberately avoiding her but she didn't have any other options. She missed Mark so much she was about to go crazy. She wasn't even allowed to look at Brian from a distance.

During the day, she waited for him at the Emp Stock Exchange. When night came, she would transfer to the Grand Night Casino. Even if she knew that Brian was purposely avoiding her, she didn't have any other options but to talk to him this way. She knew very well that Mark was just in the villa but she just couldn't get in. And she feared that Brian wouldn't let her visit Mark even on her court-regulated visitation days.

People stared at her as she stood there for hours on end - in fact, some were already used to seeing

s the only moment that Spark could actually feel the pain his mom went through.


It was dead silent at the parking lot.

As soon as Tony finished parking the car, he stepped out and walked a few steps away from the car.

Brian's hand was still gripped around Molly's waist. She tried to wrench herself free but to no avail. She stopped moving and glared at Brian, "Let me see Mark!"

"This isn't the right time," Brian said, frowning because he could feel the softness in his hand - the one that was gripped on Molly's waist.

In fact, as long as Molly kept quiet and as long as she obeyed his orders, he would let her see Mark. But she was nagging like the nagger that she was.

"Will you let me see him then?" Molly asked.

"I don't know," Brian answered flatly.

"Brian! Don't overdo it!" Molly was furious with him.

"Am I?" Brian taunted.

"I can bring this to court, you know," Molly said, pretending to be calm.

"Really?" Brian said as he lowered his head, a light smile lingering on his lips. Suddenly, he raised his hand in the air and slowly balled it into a fist. Molly went pale when she saw this.

She remembered that one winter night when they had just met. He did the same thing as he told her proudly that as long as he wanted something, he was always going to get it.

"What do I have to do to get you to let me see Mark?" Molly uttered through her gritted teeth.

For a long while, he remained speechless. There was a weird feeling in the car. The stifling atmosphere there made Molly hard to breathe. Just as she was about to say something, Brian opened his mouth lightly, "You go to divorce with Spark.


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