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   Chapter 498 Mark Belongs To Me (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8314

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We always pause before doing things, taking as long as we want, trying to do the right thing. But what we often forget is that sometimes this pause is the one that causes the most damage.

* The foreman gulped before announcing the verdict, "Brian was awarded the custody of Mark."

The words hit Molly and her mind went completely blank. She sprang from her seat, "No! That can't be! How could you give custody to him! I carried him for nine whole months and raised him those four years but where was Brian all those years?"

The judge picked up his gavel and started to pound, trying to take control of the situation.

But Molly had already lost it. She couldn't contain herself anymore. She didn't even hear the gavel. The judge's face was cold as a rock, "Quiet!"

Spark pulled Molly into his arms, comforting her. But her eyes were towards Brian, furious. "Brian, Mark's all I have. He's my only son," Molly pleaded.

Brian didn't allow himself to be affected and kept his face emotionless, "And? When you decided to purposely not tell me, you should have known that this day was going to come."

Brian's cold voice echoed in the courtroom. The judge resumed court. He declared the verdict that Mark was under Brian's custody now. Molly was granted three days a month of visitation. His gavel hit three times. It was official.

When the trial was over; the judge, jury, and clerk left. Even though Eric's lawyers had lost the case to Brian's only lawyer, they weren't frustrated nor disheartened. They knew that Spencer was the best in the business and he never left a courtroom with a loss.

When they heard Spencer's argument about Molly swindling off what was considered Brian's - Mark - they knew that there was no way they could get the verdict swayed.

They tried to play the pity card by showing Molly grieving but they didn't play it out well as the jury only saw Molly as desperate while Spencer followed the rules of the courtroom, logic and propriety on his side.

Eric kept his gaze locked on Molly, a bitter simile appearing on is face before reverting his attention to Spencer. His lawyers were all chatting with Spencer. He clenched his fists, frustrated with himself.

How could he underestimate Brian?

Even though he had ten lawyers on his side, seven of them were Spencer's students. How could they ever outsmart their own mentor?

"I'm begging you, Brian, please don't take Mark away from me," Molly presented herself to Brian, humbled, "I

d all the time he spent with Molly and how in those times, not once did he see Molly cry. But ever since they got here - in T City - Molly had done nothing but cry. Molly didn't know that he could see right through her lies because she kept telling him that her eyes were red from lack of sleep.

"Mark, who do you want to live with, your mom or your dad?" Daniel suddenly asked.

It was not like asking the question mattered anyway because the court had already given Brian custody over Mark.

Mark was too young to absorb the thing happening in front of him. He tried hard to relieve his hands and began to gesture

when all three of Molly, Spark, and Brian's face stiffened.

"I don't want to live with either of you! I hate you both!" Mark yelled at Brian and Molly.

Before anyone could even react, Mark ran outside pushing everyone aside.




All of them ran after him. But they were too late as by the time they were outside the room, the only sight that they saw was Mark standing in the elevator with the doors slowly closing.

It wasn't until one month later when Mark finally recalled what happened that day. Brian found him after he ran away and took him to A City where Brian met Molly and where he was conceived.

Mark sat at the bench in the garden of the villa, alone with a book in his hands. But his mind was far off. It had already been a month and Molly would only be able to come see him two days later.

"Young master," Lisa greeted as she served Mark a piece a chocolate cake that she had just baked, "please enjoy your dessert."

Mark rose from the bench he was sitting on to thank her.

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