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   Chapter 497 The Bubble Bursts (Part Six)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5174

Updated: 2019-04-10 03:03

The tensed atmosphere froze the court before the judges arrived at the court. Mark opened his brooding eyes widely so as to ascertain the identity of the man who was sitting on the seat of prosecutor. It was indeed Brian! After he recognized that it was Brian, he was so astonished that he had no idea how to react to that. A while later he turned his head rapidly to his mother, wondering why it was Brian who was at the prosecutor seat.

All members in Molly's lawyer group also looked at Brian. If it were not a serious matter, one would be forgiven for laughing at the comical expressions displayed on the lawyers' faces. Some were surprised, some looked aghast, some even looked scared and wanted to forgo fighting him.

"Is that Spencer? How is that even possible?" No one knew who had pointed out the harsh reality that their opponent was Spencer. Just looking at the formidable rival standing in front of them gave them great pressure!

"Court!" The court clerk's clear voice drew them back from surprise and fear. They turned back to the front, seeing the judges coming into the court. All the people in the court stood up to show their respect to the judges. They sat down after the judges took their seats and were poised to start.

The chief judge nodded slightly to signal the court clerk to begin. The court clerk nodded as reply and picked up the case document. He stood up, looked around the court and said, "The People's Court of T City, Case No. XX about the custody of Mark Su. Court hearing start! The prosecutor, please sta

en on Brian. Finally, he lowered his gaze on Mark, too. At that very moment, he suddenly feared that if the court awarded the custody of Mark to his cousin… Then he would really be beaten by Brian for the first time. 'No, I will never allow that to happen!'

During the past half hour, the court was filled with tension and mixed feelings. One thing was for sure, everybody was feeling sorry for the little boy. Whichever way it went, it seemed that he would lose, either he lost his mother or lost his real father! Then finally, the jury came back and sat down on their seats.

"Have you reached an agreement?" The chief judge asked peacefully and seriously.

The representative of the Jury stood up and answered, "Yes, we have the conclusion!" He looked around the court and continued, "After the secret ballot, we reached a verdict with the ratio of six to four!"

As he spoke, everyone got increasingly nervous. Time seemed to freeze as the clerk continued, "The custody of Mark Su, in our opinion, should belong to..."

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