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   Chapter 496 The Bubble Bursts (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5597

Updated: 2019-04-10 03:03

At that moment, Mark's indifference was torn from his small face. His emotions overflew and tears burst forth from his bright and lovely eyes. The great anger and grievance that he had kept bottled up in his chest for three days finally found release. He stretched out his hands and gesticulated excitedly and fiercely, "I don't want to part with mom. I don't want that man to be my dad. I just want my own mom and dad. I don't want a strange dad!"

Mark cried so hard that he couldn't control himself. His small body was racked with sobs and his mouth opened and closed incessantly as if he wanted to expel the words from his mouth. However, no sound escaped his lips.

As Molly looked at her son's crying form, she couldn't control herself either and tears poured down her face. Her tears were drenched with bloody streaks because she had exhausted them in the last three days. She clasped Mark into her chest tightly and sobbed, "Mark will never part with mom. Mom will never allow that to happen!"

The weeping mother and son filled the atmosphere with sadness and anguish. The audience was enveloped by great sorrow and empathy. As all the people inside the room were moved by that pitiful sight, nobody noticed the silent figure who left the room. He walked towards the dimly lit hall with his arrogant back straight and stiff as an arrow. Everyone paid their pathetic attention to Molly and Mark, while was oblivious to the anguish and sorrow in the solitary man's face. Standing in the dimly lit corner, he comforted himself silently.

Who should be more woeful than him?

From the beginning, he had wanted to risk his life and all he had to protect her and giv

ce. He had muffled all his mixed emotions just like he always did.

"We have almost finished the survey and collected enough evidence." Tony answered mildly, putting his evil thought of killing Molly at the back of his head. After he had come back, he devoted himself into investigating who had leaked the information to the press. To his surprise, he had found that Jenifer has become the vice-mayor of T City. She was responsible for administering the politics and law system of T City. It seemed that everything was destined already. They all thought that everything had ended four years ago. But fate had brought them all together in a curious gathering and nobody knew how it was going to play out.

Brian didn't say a word. He just walked directly to his lounge, waiting for the court to open the session.

Ten minutes later, a closed court hearing was held in No. 5 Court. The related personnel, juries and recorders for both parties came into the court. There were ten lawyers on Molly's side to form an intimidating group. On the contrary, there was only one lawyer on Brian's side. That was Spencer.

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