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   Chapter 495 The Bubble Bursts (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5747

Updated: 2019-04-10 00:12

Mark didn't reply, but instead kept his head hanging. In his little mind, it seemed that all happiness and joy he had before was an illusion. Their family life was just like a summer bubble that would burst unexpectedly and disappear suddenly. His mind, which was pure and yet still immature began to be disgusted with the adult world. He was confused why all these came so suddenly. He had no idea how to react to his beloved mom and dad. More so, he didn't know how to face his biological father who showed up suddenly and wanted to gain custody of him.

He had never even seen that man. A father that he had never seen before in his short but happy life. With all these thoughts and feelings running through his mind, Mark wanted to cry and his eyes turned red. He was afraid to be separated from his dad and mom. He really, really didn't want to leave them. He just wanted to stay with them forever! 'No! I refuse to part with my dad and mom!'

Spark looked down and found that his son was on the verge of crying. He was very upset and worried about Mark that he felt as if someone was squeezing his heart. He still remembered that day when the news broke, clearly in his mind. The facial expression on Mark's face... He looked extremely peaceful and quiet. In his mind, a little child should not be quiet and calm in such a situation. He would have preferred it had Mark thrown a tantrum or cry out, but he didn't. Because even though Mark couldn't talk, he was always a frisky and happy kid.

That day, when he came back to the hotel alone, he found Mark sitting quietly at the sofa. Then he was pointing his index finger to the television demanding an explanation. At that moment Spark had been in a bad mood. W

friends came into the lounge first as their lawyers walked into the locker room to put on their lawyer gowns. After that, they would all gather together in a small meeting room to have the final discussion on this session, which would determine who could obtain the custody of Mark.

They didn't know yet who among Brian's lawyers would deal with this important case. The Dragon Empire Group lawyers were confident that they had at least 80% chance of winning the case. That is, if Brian had not taken illegal means to compete with them. Because each one of these ten lawyers were the top in the legal profession.

As the court session was about to start, they all became anxious and nervous. They could sense the frozen and tense air enveloping the whole courtroom. However, at that moment, Molly was not feeling tense. She just walked straight towards her son, Mark, and half squatted in front of him. She took a hold of his small hands and squeezed them reassuringly. The little boy raised his head and met his mother's gaze which was full of love and determination. Molly said softly, "Mark, just remember, Mom really, really loves you!"

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