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   Chapter 494 The Bubble Bursts (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5994

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Brian watched the playback of the stunning news in the TV gloomily. Today, a depressed and frozen air seemed to haunt him. His cold, brooding eyes fastened with distaste at the news report. Spencer stood quietly beside him. He just got off the plane and rushed to Brian's side. The frozen atmosphere in the room discomforted Spencer but he could understand the reason. Mark's real identity would be disclosed three days later after the court opened the session according to their plan. But things didn't go as they planned. Mark's real identity was disclosed in advance. He had no idea what went wrong and who was responsible. After all, he had no reason to expose it, neither had the court!

Brian stopped paying attention to the news. He took out his phone grimly and made a call peacefully as if nothing unexpected had happened. Putting the phone next to his ear, he waited until the call was picked up and said indifferently, "Investigate today's news."

After giving the short but powerful command, he hung up the phone. Now, he wondered who had the ability to put out the past of Spark and Molly and left them out to high and dry? But most of all, he wanted to know who had the guts to disclose his intention today at the first moment that he wanted to obtain custody of his son!


Molly reached the Flight Media sooner than Eric expected. He had already informed the receptionist that Molly was coming to see him. Therefore, the receptionist guided her directly to the exclusive elevator, which took her to the top floor immediately. Lenny came out to meet her and bring her to Eric's office.

Lenny didn't go inside the office with Molly, after a long time working for Eric, she knew her place. After Molly entered the room, she closed the door after her and stood quietly

was still on the process of growing up. Therefore, Daniel had never thought about it. But since he had learned about the scandal, he somehow had an idea who Mark's real father could be. Today, they would all know for sure.

As Daniel carefully looked over Mark from head to toe, he found Mark looking sad and dismal and his small hands balled into little fists in his lap. He had stopped communicating with everyone since he accidentally learned about the truth from the news. In these excruciating three days, Molly had been extremely worried about her son. She was also bracing herself to prepare for the verdict of the court hearing with Spark. Eric and his group of dedicated lawyers were ready to fight tooth and nail to keep the custody of Mark in the hands of Molly.

"Mark," Spark said suddenly as he pulled Mark gently to his lap. Mark didn't have any reaction to Spark, but there's a hint of reluctance in his small eyes. Spark grimaced in pain secretly. He said seriously to Mark after a while, "I am always your father. Nothing could change that! Mark! This is the only thing you should bear in mind. The fact will never change for the rest of your life. Do you hear me, Mark?"

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