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   Chapter 492 The Bubble Bursts (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6091

Updated: 2019-04-09 02:39

Sometimes we get complacent when everything is peaceful and serene in our lives. We are lulled into thinking that undesirable things would never happen. Therefore, as time passes by and as we continue to live in the mundane world, we just have a fleeting worry that the tranquil life may come to an end. The illusion of life's perfection can sometimes be our undoing. The calm before a storm. The illusion of peacefulness and serenity was like a small bubble which eventually burst that fateful winter.


Mark was anxious to get the violin for his father. He fretted and looked at the clock continuously. Finally, he couldn't resist the overwhelming desire to procure the violin. Taking a small piece of paper, he scribbled a message for his mom and dad, which due to his haste was barely comprehensible. Afterward, he picked up his small backpack and left the room. Based on his observation of his father just now, he knew that his dad must have a lot of important things to discuss with his mom. Knowing that this talk would last for some time, he took the opportunity to get the violin. His plan was to go quickly and come back before they find him gone.

As Mark left the room and closed the door, the TV which had been turned on since yesterday was showing the news about the charity concert that was held yesterday. As expected, the focus of the report was the gossip about Spark and Molly. The news reported so many interesting things that happened at the concert. They had a field day on the anonymous scandal and the subsequent report about the "Sunny Day" by the onsite journalist. Not to mention Spark's controversial actions, his promise and affectionate kiss on Molly in front of a multitude of people. All these were calculated to eliminate the scandal which was currently making the rounds in their circ

a win-win situation regarding this deal. What a smart boy indeed!

After that, Mark procured the violin successfully and returned to the hotel happily. It was an effort to carry the violin into the elevator since it was too heavy for him. He couldn't help but recollect the strange requirement that Brian had put forward then. His request had come as a surprise to Mark. The requirement seemed simple but confused Mark a lot. "Remember me forever! Never forget my existence!"

Mark frowned as he thought once more about the strange deal. His cute face was marred with confusion. He totally had no idea why Brian had asked for that of all things. 'Why has this uncle asked me to remember his existence forever? How strange it is!' After their first meeting at the hotel, Mark had never forgotten this uncle. His first thought when he saw him was that he was more handsome than his dad. And although this uncle looked cold and indifferent, for some reason he wasn't afraid of him. He was strangely fond of him for no reason. He enjoyed their time together and got along well with him. Except for that one time when Brian took him away regardless of his willingness and didn't allow him to come back to the hotel.

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