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   Chapter 491 The Stradivari (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6996

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Eric was curious about what Brian had said to Mark. He did not hear anything, but he could guess that the two have reached a certain agreement. However, he wondered what kind of agreement could be reached between Brian and a kid, a kid of Little Molly and Spark.

"Mark, what were you talking about with that..." Molly thought for a moment then continued,"that uncle?"

Mark gesticulated. He did not plan to tell Molly anything about his appointment with Brian.

Shocked, Molly asked,"He... Let's go!" Molly did not finish what she was about to say and instead, pulled Mark away. She did not ask anything in the end. She took Mark to say goodbye to Russell, and then went back to the hotel together with her companions.

Perhaps it was because she was too tired these past few days that Molly fell asleep immediately just as when she was telling stories to Mark after washing her face and brushing her teeth. Mark, on the other hand, was excited thinking about what would happen tomorrow morning, but he was afraid that his parents might find out, so he pretended to be fast asleep.

That night, Spark sat at the terrace alone while the night wind blew. Looking at the stars all over the dark sky, he was thinking about the conditions he would negotiate with Brian tomorrow.

He did not know what had happened between Molly and Brian, but based on Harrow's facial expressions and words, he knew that Brian had a great interest in Molly. He did not know whether he would succeed in persuading Brian to give up Molly, but perhaps his chance of success would rise because of Wing.

Spark could not give him an answer. He could do nothing but wait, wait for the moment he would negotiate with Brian.

Morning came when the sunlight sprinkled to the sea horizon. After the breakfast at the hotel, everyone went their own way. Manny went to apply for a visa for Daniel while Daniel said he wanted to walk around. Molly had to go to Dream to deal with remaining matters related to the concert, Spark, on the other hand, was waiting for Brian to contact him. All the while, Mark was trying t

to be the father of his "son". Of course, anybody, in his position, would lose his head absolutely. He did not know what to do. It was too much of a news to bear!

"What happened?" Seeing that Spark was anxious and uneasy, Molly somehow felt stressed. She knew that there was something wrong and she was guessing that it was something quite serious.

Looking at Molly, Spark suddenly did not know where to start with the questions he, previously, could not wait a minute to ask. He had never questioned her explicitly, but he had been extremely uneasy for the past two days because of Molly's actions as well as the sudden appearance of Brian. Now if the information indicated by the citation was true, then... what could he do?

Mark was Molly's lifeline, whom she would never ever allow anybody to take away from her, even if that person was Mark's biological father. However, if Mark's father was Brian, would they have a chance to fight for Mark's custody?

"What the hell is going on?" Seeing that Spark was not saying anything, Molly asked again. She started to grow heavily nervous as Spark ignored her questions and the expressions on his face kept changing unusually.

Looking at Molly with his arrogant and fiery eyes, Spark held back his thoughts since he neither knew where to start nor how to ask. After a while, he asked finally,"Mol, is Mark the son of Brian Long?


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