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   Chapter 490 The Stradivari (Part Two)

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While watching the exchange of bids, Brian glanced at Molly accidentally. He was exactly at a position where he could see her and her companions clearly. Due to the training he had experienced since his childhood, his vision was much better than ordinary people even in somewhat dark places. He could discern the expressions on the faces of people clearly just by looking at them, especially the desire of Mark for the violin.

"Fifty million!"

an offer was given in an indifferent tone, adding twenty million to the prior price. Hearing such an offer, everybody else stopped what they were doing and looked at the person who gave the offer by following the voice.

All heads turned to Brian but he received their gazes casually. Silence filled the room for a moment. It might be because everybody was so surprised or nobody dared to give a higher bid that there was no offer to counter Brian's fifty million. When the auctioneer was about to drop the hammer and proclaim the winning bidder, someone gritted his teeth and added one million suddenly.

"Sixty million!" unexpectedly, Brian raised his bid yet he still delivered it in an indifferent tone. He did not like playing games slowly like this. He wanted excitement and thrill, and creating mental stress to other people.

"Brian?" Eric looked at him and asked in confusion.

"I've decided that I want it all of a sudden..." Brian explained, which sounded casual and playful. While others were so surprised or confused, he, himself, knew clearly that he did it all because of the expression of worry on Mark's face, however, that worry on Mark's face was not meant for him.

Sixty million was a considerable amount of money. For ordinary rich people, a violin was not worth sixty million while for those musicians, sixty million was an astronomical figure. No matter how much they desired or loved the violin, they had no choice but to give it up because in reality, they would never be able to afford it. By then, everybody had known

ure my language disorder!"

Looking at Mark, Brian's eyes turned deep and bottomless.

Eric did not understand the sign language, but since he had been trained as the future power holder of Dragon Island, he was able to guess roughly what Mark meant. Therefore, he smiled and said seemingly casually, "Hmm... You are better than Little Molly at taking advantage of what is good for you to attain your goal. How promising!"

Brian took a slight glance at him and then took a look at Molly, who was frozen halfway while approaching them. To everybody's surprise and confusion, Brian squatted slowly and gave a hint as answer to Mark with his eyes. Mark immediately understood what he meant, and leaned his head forwards. Brian leaned closer to his ear, saying in a voice so low that it could not be heard by anybody else except for the two of them, "Tomorrow morning I will be at the Haagen-Dazs on Glacier Road. Let's talk about the deal as you called it." After a pause, he added, "Remember, you can only come alone!"

Without waiting for Mark's response, Brian stood up slowly and looked down at Mark, who was raising his head with a face looking both blank and firm. Taking a glance at Molly, Brian turned around and walked towards his car. He got inside and started the car, leaving the place without the least hesitation.

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