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   Chapter 489 The Stradivari (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6122

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Humility is the only way to testify true love.


After the episode of the "Sunny Day" necklace, the charity auction continued. Since the auction of "Sunny Day" resulted in a rather unexpected price, which seemed to stimulate the excitement of the audience, the succeeding goods offered brought fierce competitions. Then came the most awaited part of the event, the finale, where a Stradivari violin donated by Russell was presented to the crowd.

All the lights at the venue were turned off except for the projection lamps around the auctioneer, who was very excited to present the final auction for the event. He said, "The Stradivari has never appeared in public since it was kept in the possession of Mr. Russell ten years ago. Now, Mr. Russell is donating the violin for two reasons. First, he wants to help raise fund for the foundation and second, he also hopes that the violin can find its destined owner. Everybody here who is into music knows that the Stradivari is a miraculous violin. Its tone, needless to say, is impeccable, which everybody knows clearly. But its unique feature lies in the fact that not everybody can have the ability to control it. If one is not capable enough to play it, he/she is likely to enter a state of demonic madness…"

As the auctioneer gushed over the Stradivari, the people sitting under the platform started to grow restless. One reason why the charity concert was able to gather so many well-known musicians in one event was because they all wanted to see this legendary violin with their own eyes.

"Now let's welcome and enjoy the presentation of Mr. Russell himself!"

As soon as the auctioneer finished saying the introduction, a spotlight was turned on in the center of the platform, where Russell was standing with a seemingly ordinary violin in the crook of his arm. Aft


What kind of affection was that?

Manny could not tell. He regretted that Spark would miss the chance to have the Stradivari but on the other hand, he felt grateful that Spark might be able to get rid of the past, which was well worth it, as a matter of fact. Just as Spark said, without Stradivari, he would still be Spark, who could never be surpassed by anyone else except Russell.

Daniel did not pay any attention to the discussion between Spark and Molly. Instead, he was so caught up with listening to the offers the people were bidding for the violin. In such a short span of time, the price had exceeded thirty million. Hearing such a number, the flame of admiration and envy was burning in his eyes.

Watching the auction and the people around him with his big eyes, Mark knew that his daddy wanted the violin very much, but it seemed that his daddy did not have so much money now. Thinking about it, Mark pulled a long face and pressed his mouth tightly.

Brian and Eric were sitting on a sofa at the corner. They had given offers once in a while for what they liked. However, neither of them had any interest in the violin, because they both knew that it was only valuable to the right person.

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