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   Chapter 488 The Charity Auction (Part Three)

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Brian shifted his gaze towards Mark, whom Spark was carrying, and continued in a flat voice, "You'll know soon."

Eric's eyebrows were knitted more tightly. At this point, a clamor rose at the venue. Russell came. All the people cast their eyes towards the entrance. Both Brian and Eric turned around and stepped aside to avoid the attention.

Russell was known as the godfather of music. He was a legend around here. No one had achieved so much as he had and his appearance at this event just showed how powerful Dream Media really was.

People were now buzzing with more excitement than ever now that Russell had arrived. Almost everyone, except for Spark, tried their hand at getting noticed by Russell. But not long after, the auction began.

This auction was just like any other auction that featured celebrities. People could auction anything: items, dares, dinners, etc. The highest bidder won whatever it was being auctioned. The money would go right to the funds set up for disabled children.

The auction was going well. A lot put diamonds or jewels up for auction while some celebrities opted to auction clothes they had worn once on the red carpet. Some auctioned out dinners with them. The businessmen they invited came with deep pockets ready to be emptied. They spent their money as if it grew on trees delighting everyone attending.

"The next item is a necklace called Sunny Day. The donor is..." The host paused as he tried to find the donor's name on the card he was handed. "Well, um, anonymous," he finished.

Some chuckles were heard but generally, people didn't care. It was completely normal for CEOs and presidents of conglomerates such as the Dragon Empire Group to keep a low profile. It wasn't their goal to be known. They preferred their privacy and away from the spotlight of the media.

Soon, a spotlight was on stage with its focus on a model showing the necklace off. The light shone against her skin as if it was a warm sunny day. The necklace was intricately adorned with the loveliest sunflowers. All the light could do was give it more justice. People couldn't stop staring at it.

The host further explained, "Sunny Day is mainly decorated by sunflowers. It's made of platinum and surrounded by colored diamonds. This is handcrafted. The maker of this necklace wanted to express through this necklace that every day is a sunny day as long as you are fine. What a beautiful message. The opening bid is 500 thousand with increments of 50 thousand."

The bidders didn't even wait fo

cker. The host was an employee of Dream Media - he kept helplessly looking at Iris who was watching from backstage. But Iris never returned any of his glances as she was keeping her eyes on Molly.

"25 million!" Spark spat, fuming.

Everything fell quiet, so quiet that only breathing could be heard. Manny was white as a sheet - he didn't know what to do to stop Spark. Eric was powerful, of course. He was the vice president of Dragon Empire Group. Manny didn't know anything about Brian except that he was a Long and that was enough for Manny to know that Spark was way out of his league. Even if Spark did get the necklace, he was still losing.

Because that 25 million was all he had. That was nothing to these people. But to Spark, that was his entire life's savings!

Brian withdrew his bids and so did Eric. So Spark got the necklace. It cost him 25 million but he didn't mind. He didn't care about the necklace but what mattered to him was that moment when he could put the necklace on Molly that sent a message to everyone in the room. "Every day is a sunny day as long you're fine," he said as he pressed a soft kiss on her lips. That moment made everything worth the trouble.

From all the fiasco outside the hotel to his moment, he just wanted everyone to know that Molly was his wife, not anyone else's.

"Disgusting!" Eric commented as he watched Molly and Spark kiss.

Brian's face didn't show any expression as usual. But, fury and jealousy were brewing inside him.

'Spark, I hope you won't regret what you did today when you are served tomorrow. I will let you live for Harrow's sake, but don't expect me to be merciful if you choose the hard way!


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