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   Chapter 487 The Charity Auction (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5925

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"Why, I've just been told that Molly's relationship with Spark is now out in the open. Is that true?"

a teasing voice came from behind. Brian didn't turn his head. He responded, "There are a lot of nosy people in this world."

Eric shrugged. He looked dashing and relaxed in a well-tailored casual suit unlike Brian who was in a double-breasted suit. Eric looked intimidating in his expensive clothes. "It will never happen for us," he commented as he watched Spark cut a portion of steak and put it on Molly's place. "We thought too highly of ourselves. A lovely girl like Molly wouldn't be able to get past someone like Spark."

"You think so?" Brian said coolly.

"Brian," Eric said forcefully but quietly, "Molly and Spark are already married. They have a son. Will you give up?"

Brian didn't answer. After a pause, he threw his cousin's question back at him, "And you?" He gave Eric a look

as sharp as knives. Eric teased back, "Of course, I won't! Because she isn't as happy as she says she is."


Brian responded. Eric removed his gaze from Molly as he slowly spoke. "Happiness isn't what you show people. You can't fake it. People can sense that. It's in your eyes and your body language."

Brian sneered at this, "Eric, time for me to see what you have learned in the past four years."

Eric stiffened. "Brian, what are you talking about?" he asked, a light smile playing on his lips.

"Aren't you going to help Mol with this upcoming trial?" Brian asked. "Wait, let me rephrase that since obviously you'll just be doing this for yourself. Don't you want to take this chance to win Mol's heart?"

Eric neither denied nor admitted it. He just shrugged. He and Brian knew each other too well. Sometimes they didn't need any words to und

ause of Mark's disability. I was stuck and I was confused. Even I couldn't understand myself anymore. It's like I couldn't control my emotions. I didn't want to see her cry and suffer - it hurt me too much. Do you understand, Eric?

Eric's hands were shaking. He couldn't understand what Brian was saying but all he knew was that he, too, was upset when he saw that Molly was unhappy. He had spent his time researching on Mark's disability. He had never loved anyone else, not even Becky. But he was so sure that what he felt for Molly was love. He didn't want to be polite in his love for Molly. He wouldn't just give up and let her be. He believed that if you wanted to be with someone, you had to fight for it. You had to hold on and never let go. That was how love should work.

And the only reason why Brian would tell him all of this was to send a message: that he wasn't giving up on Molly either and that he wasn't here to lose.

"Brian, four years ago, I wasn't able to catch up with you. You had a head start. But this time, you have nothing over me-"

"No," Brian interrupted him, looking at him sharply, "I do have something over you."

"What?" Eric frowned.

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