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   Chapter 486 The Charity Auction (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6018

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I did everything to get your attention only to find out that I was pushing you away all this time.

"Mr. Brian Long, I've just filed your case for custody over Mark. I was just over at the T City court," Spencer reported matter-of-factly over the phone. He paused before continuing, "Spark and Molly will be informed tomorrow and I'll be in T City too."

Brian didn't have to go through all these complicated things just to get his son. Spencer didn't understand why Brian would ask him to do all of these things. But he didn't really need to know why to do his job. If this was what Brian asked him, then all he needed to do was be the good lawyer that he was.

"How soon will the trial be?" Brian asked, gazing back at the TV, which was still playing the live telecast. "I don't want to wait too long." Brian was Mark's father but right now, he was calling another man his father. Brian watched Molly, Spark, and Mark in the news. He sneered. The moment he found out that Mark was his son, he had felt so many things: happy, lucky, and surprised; but mostly, he was angry.

Because that meant that Dr. He, a doctor with the Dragon Empire Group, had helped Molly conceal her pregnancy. If Brian had known that she was pregnant at that time, he would have maximized his resources just to find her even if that meant defying his own father. It had been the Lunar New Year and Molly was aimlessly wandering around the streets of London. It was a cold night and she was without home, money, or identity. Brian felt a spasm of pain in his heart as he thought about it: Molly alone, cold, and homeless. But it was gone as soon as it came when he recalled the reporters' words.

It was time he put a stop to all of this. It was time that his son be with his real father. It was time that his son stop

k cocked his head to the right and thought about it. His face broke into a smile when he decided that he wouldn't believe those rumors anymore.

Meanwhile, Molly didn't look and feel so well. Everything that had happened exhausted her. A string of people had been coming up to her trying to pry something from her under the guise of trying to make a conversation. She was starting to get stressed out but she kept hanging in there, being nice and polite, never removing the smile from her face.

"If you have any questions, please relay them to Manny," Spark was saying as he came over with a plate of food. He was starting to get nettled by the sight of Molly being crowded with people thirsty for a story. "My wife is my personal assistant. This isn't part of her job description."

As he finished speaking, he ward off the crowd and pulled Molly away.

This was the first thing that Brian saw as soon as he arrived. He noticed how Molly had visibly shown relief when Spark came; her eyes were resigned and tired. She never showed anything remotely similar whenever she was with Brian. As far as Brian was concerned, the only emotions Molly showed when he was around were fear and anxiety.

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