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   Chapter 485 It's My Turn to Protect You! (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5533

Updated: 2019-04-08 00:12

"Spark, can you tell us more about how you and your wife fell in love with each other that led to your marriage?"

"Spark, are you telling the truth? Or are you just protecting your wife's history?"

"... "..."


"Spark, although we are adults here and we all know what happens in one-night stands, don't you think it's still wrong lie to a woman to get into bed with you? Don't you think that's wrong and very shameful?"


The reporters just kept bombarding them with these insensitive questions. Molly had seemingly lost all her energy. But none of these insensitive questions ever got to Spark, after all he was used to this. Spark's face never betrayed a trace of emotion. As just a person from the sidelines, Daniel was starting to get worried. He sat in the car as he watched the journalists bombard Spark.

"Miss Xia, did you marry Spark because you got pregnant?"

Suddenly, the reporters turned their attention towards Molly. Spark frowned. He opened his mouth but closed it after second thought. His lips attempted to move but no sound came out. He turned to Molly, expecting her answer. But Spark couldn't help but feel nervous for the probable answer to the question that was being thrown to her.

Molly looked into the crowd, her eyes widened. She was on the verge of going crazy after having gone through so many terrible things recently. Her brain was about to shut down and she wished this whole thing would just go away already. So she decided to give answer, hoping that it would somehow help make her wish come true. She uttered each word clearly, "I married Spark because I love him! The happiest day of my lif


Brian was outraged. He could feel his heart being run over by a truck as if it was laying on a road ready to be killed. He exhaled heavily as he stared at Mark looking very scared at all the journalists around him. He watched as Mark held on to Spark tightly. This angered him further. He couldn't handle it anymore.

'Wow, Molly, thank you so much for leaving me, taking my son away, marrying another man, making my son call him dad, ' 'Did you really think that my son can be raised by just anybody?'

Brian cursed as the telecast flashed photos of the hotel facade because Spark and his team had just entered the lobby. Only few media presses were welcome in the lobby, only those that had exclusive interview rights. The rest of the reporters had to wait outside. Brian could clearly spot the three of them disappear from the swarming of reporters outside. He was pained. He closed his eyes trying to mask it.

Ding! Brian's phone rung. He picked up the phone, his face unreadable.

"Mr. Brian, I've just filed your case for custody over Mark. I was just over at the T City court.


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