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   Chapter 484 It's My Turn to Protect You! (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5869

Updated: 2019-04-08 00:02

"Miss Xia, may I know when you and Spark got married? Why did you get married?"

"Entertainment once printed a photo of Spark holding a kid in front of a dessert shop. Miss Xia, was this kid your kid with Spark?"

"Miss Xia, it was reported that you was pregnant as a result of a one-night stand between you and Spark. So you threatened him to marry you. Is that true?"

"Miss Xia, your son hasn't been able to speak since he was born, correct? It was said that it was because of inappropriate medicine that you were taking during your pregnancy. You knew it might affect him, yet you still chose to have him. So did you merely choose to keep the baby just to get Spark to marry you? Did you even think about your son's health?"

"Miss Xia, can you explain..."


Reporters and journalists bombarded Spark and Molly as they stepped outside the hotel where the charity auction banquet was to be held. Their car had just arrived and all the reporters and journalists dashed toward their car like a sea of people. It was a storm of questions as they wouldn't stop. It was just a string of questions one after the other. The reporters were too many for the security guards to keep a hold on the situation.

A reporter spotted Mark sitting in the car so he extended his microphone towards his direction and asked, "Is this your son with Spark, Miss Xia?"

The other journalists stopped at his words as none of them had noticed Mark yet. They started buzzing, even worse than before. Cameramen were wrestling everyone trying to get as many photos as possible. No one could afford to be left out of such groundbreaking news.

Molly was startled. She'd never had the chance to deal with reporters before because that had always been Manny's job.

and journalists and everyone else as if he was just talking to an old friend in a coffee shop. And he looked like he didn't mind laying out all the details. She gazed at Spark, feeling so many different emotions for him. She was touched, happy, upset, and surprised. Her lips couldn't help but form into a smile. She couldn't help but feel free as she finally felt that she had once and for all surrendered her heart to this man that she loved. This man who was willing to sacrifice anything and everything for her.

Manny also looked at Spark in surprise, not expecting those words would ever come out of Spark. That was the way more than he had expected. Suddenly, he felt angry, 'Is he just throwing his whole career away?' Manny thought inwardly.

The crowd went wild. The journalists who came here were equipped with the story that Molly had seduced Spark into marrying her. Although that piece of information came from an anonymous source, it was the piece of information that led all kinds of media press to swarm down her. But it turned out they were in for so much more as it seemed that Spark was telling a much better story than reporters only dreamt of.

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