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   Chapter 483 It's My Turn to Protect You! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6447

Updated: 2019-04-07 00:31

Daniel, Molly, and Spark had already obviously noticed him. Manny and Mark didn't know Brian was there until he stood right in front of them because they were busy chatting.

Mark's eyes lit up when he saw Brian that was gone as soon as it came when he recalled Brian's cold face. He pouted his mouth and only occasionally looked at Brian. He had this instinct telling him to remain close to Brian. But somehow, he couldn't make himself move.

Molly's face immediately darkened when she saw Brian. She automatically withdrew her hand clasping around Spark's arm. While this all happened very quickly, Spark still caught the moment Molly was taking back her hand. His eyes looked down.

Meanwhile, Daniel's face was very unreadable. What if Brian had told Molly something suspicious? He couldn't help but overthink this. His drug habits were so bad that he was once kidnapped by some Mafia gang. They locked him up in a dark room without food or water for days on end. When he was finally rescued, however, he still refused to kick his drug habit. He was surprised to find that the man who had rescued him would send him to the T City and give him some money. It wasn't a big sum. He had nothing after he paid for a very small amount of "cold heart".

Brian's eyes like that of an eagle swept across Daniel's face and settled on Molly's. She looked tired. She hadn't been able to sleep well at night because she was worried about so many things. Brian could remember how beautiful she looked that first night they saw each other again in Vienna. But looking at her now, she looked quite different. Her luster had vanished. Brian's heart stung at the thought of how much Molly had changed. But he kept the look on his face cold as ice.

"I was surprised to find Brian in the T City," Spark remarked arrogantly. He was the first to speak in this awkward encounter of a group of people

Brian withdrew his gaze from Molly and

- it wasn't difficult to distinguish Spark amongst this group. Spark started to position his violin like he was used to - between his shoulder supported by the side of his cheeks. As soon as he started to play, a beautiful melody filled the air. It was immediately joined by different instruments forming a beautiful and complete piece, harmonious in nature and lovely in ear. Spark's lips formed into a proud smile. The lights above Spark formed in such a way that made him look like he had a halo on his head. It seemed like he was in his own entire world. That was the kind of effect his music had on people. It was so delicate and beautiful that it felt like they were in heaven. The music tugged at people's hearts and souls.

For wider publicity, exposure, and coverage, the sponsors had invited journalists and reporters from everywhere. The rumor mill had been up and running since Spark had started to gain fame. The rumor mill was churning out this information: the youngest most successful violinist in the world had spent the past years spending time with his wife who had given birth to their baby. This wife's name was Molly, his assistant, the same one who had worked for him for years. They'd said that Spark was forced to marry Molly because she had gotten pregnant.

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