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   Chapter 482 It's My Turn to Protect You! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5532

Updated: 2019-04-07 00:31

I relish the solitude in my woeful corner at night. I nag my heart for a transaction: the physical for the mental. But that isn't enough, as the pain isn't enough to stop me from feeling sad.

Shane had continued to go on gambling several rounds with the man who had just cheated. But what could he do? They were in Vegas. Shane was even the dealer on the game. But for the life of him, Shane couldn't figure out how he managed to cheat. That man must be a professional. That was the most sly trick Shane had seen throughout his gambling career.

Back in T City at the Empire, Brian listened as Shane droned on about his games with this man. His face remained unreadable. The Casino must have lost hundreds of millions of dollars by now. That was a huge amount of money - so huge it could make hundreds of other casinos go bankrupt if it had happened to them.

"Mr. Brian," Shane blurted out in frustration. He couldn't help but feel ashamed of himself after losing to that man. He had never felt so down in his life. "We have to shut down the casino for at least three days. We can't handle this," Shane complained.

Grand Night Casino had many other casinos around the globe, not just Vegas. But their profit went through the roof when they built one in Vegas because Vegas was the heart and soul of the gambling industry. It was a whole new game out there - they hired people, designed everything that way, created plans for development. They had everything. The construction process of their Vegas casino was by no means an easy job. Brian had to hire Shane with an insane amount of money to help him build his gambling empire in Vegas. So if the

Coco addressed him politely wearing the smile she always did when she greeted guests, "Miss Xia and her friends should be here in 10 minutes."

Brian didn't break a stride as he listened to Coco. He asked coldly, "Has the chef arrived?"

"Yes, he's currently making menus that will adjust to Miss Xia and her son's dietary habits." Coco responded as she tried to keep up with Brian's pace.

"Okay. I know. Go back to work."

"Yes, Mr. Brian," Coco cast a lingering look at Brian before turning to leave. She found his keen interest about a married woman with a kid particularly suspicious. But it was not like she wasn't used to this. Brian had always been unpredictable. He always did things no one could understand why and no one could ever predict.

Brian had just walked into the hotel when he saw Molly and other people coming out of the elevator. He kept his gaze on Mark who was eagerly chatting with Manny with sign language. Manny had just leaned down to whisper something in his ear. He sneered as he focused his gaze on Daniel for a sweeping second before settling them on Molly.

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