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   Chapter 481 Endless Difficulties (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5643

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With a sly smile on his thin lips, Brian asked with doubt, "Happy, is that so?" He then said, almost mumbling to himself, "How can I let her go with her happiness so easily?"

Tony felt chills as he had goosebumps down his spine. According to the date, Molly had been two months pregnant by the time she left. Even if she had not taken any examination before that so that nobody else had known about her pregnancy, how couldn't it have been found during her eyes exchange operation? The operation was conducted by Dr. He, who should have known about this, but he had not said a word about this from beginning to end. This is how Molly had left with the baby finally.

If it was known that Molly was expecting a child at that time, things would not have gone down the way it did. In a bid to protect Long Family's next generation, Mr. Long and the power holder would certainly not deal with things like that. If they and the State Parliament would really be at a stalemate, the State Parliament would have many scruples and think carefully. However, things would have been resolved simply, but instead they had turned complicated now.

"Inform Spencer," Brian said in an indifferent yet entitled tone, "that I want a detailed plan to claim custody."

"Yes, sure!" Tony was not surprised to hear Brian's harsh and insensitive decision. In fact, he had guessed it before he even headed towards Burano Island. When he sent XK Intelligence Agency's men to Venice to investigate the details, he had anticipated such a reaction.

Brian hung up the call, as his sight fell on the photo of two snowmen on the phone's wallpaper. Now the two snowmen seemed rather ironic.

With a self-mocker

s no stranger to Manny. Even though both of them had not met before, Manny knew that Molly had been looking for him for the last several years. He just did not expect that the sister and brother would meet again in such a miraculous way. As a person who liked gossip, he wanted to pry out some chunk of the story, but he was forced to give up by Spark's relentless stares.

"It is time to go, and the car sent by the hotel is waiting downstairs for us..." Manny said as he curled his lips. He walked towards Mark, who was also wearing a suit and a red bow tie, looking like a young gentleman.

Mark and Manny were hand in hand. All of them headed downstairs together. When the five of them walked out of the elevator, Brian walked to them with steady and domineering stride, with one hand in the trouser pocket. Manny was speaking to Mark, so they did not notice Brian. But the other three turned pale the moment they saw Brian.

Spark slightly frowned. Molly's face turned deathly pale. Daniel's first reaction was to escape.

While the three of them looked indifferently, Brian stopped right in front of them


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