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   Chapter 480 Endless Difficulties (Part Three0

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6037

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"So how are papa and mom?" asked Molly while adding another question after the other, "Why did you go abroad? Where have you been for the past several years? What brings you to T City? Have you come here alone?"

As a series of questions hurled out of her mouth like a curious hurricane, Daniel's face turned pale by the minute not knowing what to respond. Looking at Molly's firm sight, he did not want to answer but he knew it was next to impossible to duck her pressing questions. In front of Molly's curious eyes, he mustered the strength and said, "Molly, mom... I'm so sorry but mom died..."

Although she had been informed of her mother's death by Edgar when she had been hospitalized more than four years ago, the information had not been confirmed till now. As soon as Daniel confirmed their mother's death himself, Molly's eyes turned red with sadness, she burst into tears instantly not being able to contain her overwhelming emotions. She blurted out, "Please tell me you are lying! This cannot be true...why?"

"I'm sorry Molly. I wish I was lying too but I am not." With traces of rudeness in his tone, Daniel went on, "Mom died before we went abroad. Papa too is not fine now..."

"What do you mean?" asked Molly, with quivering lips.

"Mom died before we left. Right after mom's untimely demise, Mr. Brian Long came, saying that he needed papa to take me away. At first I did not understand why papa took me abroad. It was much later that papa told me what Mr. Brian Long said to them in private." Daniel continued, "He said he was afraid that you would feel sad and hurt. But it sounded nicer than it was. In reality, mom died because of him, which he didn't want you to know so he urged us to leave."

Molly's eyes remained wide open as tears began to form. She looked at Daniel ex

he small tea table by his side. Then he turned around and walked towards the desk.

Upon seeing Tony's name flash on the screen, he received the call as he put the device against his ear.

"Mr. Brian Long," Tony's indifferent voice came through from the other side, "the doctor who delivered Miss Xia's baby on Burano Island was found, who confirmed that the baby was born two months before the date printed on the birth certificate. Due to the folk custom there, the doctor modified the birth certificate as required by Spark..."

Brian listened to the facts carefully. It was unnecessary to investigate anything since he received the DNA test result. However, he had sent Tony there for further investigation. There was something he had to clarify!

"As for Spark and Miss Xia's marriage..." Tony's voice sounded hesitant, "it is difficult to investigate this with certainty. The most important reasons for their marriage could be local folk custom and for the baby's well-being. They exchanged vows in a small local church. The wedding ceremony itself was quite simple, but," he paused for a second and continued, "someone who was present said that they appeared to be a very happy couple!"

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