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   Chapter 479 Endless Difficulties (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6003

Updated: 2019-04-07 00:02

Because of the sudden alarm, everybody around the alley looked towards the entrance with concern, seeing Eric walking to them slowly, with a rather cold and cruel look on his evil yet attractive face.

"Who the fuck are you... ouch..."

the man did not even finish the sentence before he was thrown to the wall in a hard manner and he then collapsed onto the ground, like a kite, leaving behind a fierce scream filled with agony.

Revealing his gloomy and cold look, laced with a nasty smile forming on his mouth, to the other man Eric asked, "Do you still want her to stay with both of you?"

The man now understood very well that they were caught in a tight spot. He was sensible enough to shake his head, despite any other reservations, and said, "Oh don't you worry now, it was just... a small joke..."

Just glancing at them, Eric walked ahead and saw Molly still supporting Daniel with her hands, who did not look so well. He asked in a harsh tone, "So how much does he owe you?"

" million...sir."

In an indifferent manner, Eric took out a checkbook and pen from his pocket, scribbled down the required digits on a check, tore it off and gave it to the tattooed man, "Get away right now! And don't ever appear in front of me again!"

"Ok...sir...ok...thank you...thank you...we will not inconvenience you. " the man said as he grabbed the check. Then nudging his companion ever so slightly, the two of them left in a hurry together almost instantly.

As the tattooed men scuttled away, the atmosphere in the alley suddenly became weird. Molly looked at Daniel, while he just looked everywhere else with a guilty conscience.

Since she had woken up over four years ago, she had been in a constant search for Daniel and Steven, but she never found them, until now. A

Daniel, Molly answered instantly, "Well he's Daniel."

"Oh is it so?" Spark was very evidently surprised but he did not ask any more questions. Instead, he changed the topic by saying, "So have you eaten anything?" Molly shook her head. Spark said, "Well, it turns out Mark and I haven't eaten either. So let's head for lunch together!"

Molly nodded in approval and walked into the hotel together with both Daniel and Spark.

Together they had lunch in complete harmony. Mark could not be happier to learn that Daniel was his uncle, about whom he had heard so much from his beloved mommy. Daniel too was surprised to learn that his sister was not only married but also had a son.

Right after lunch, Spark considerately took Mark out to play, just to give Molly and Daniel some space and time to catch up, despite his growing curiosity and concerns in his heart.

Now, there was no one except Molly and Daniel in the presidential suite. Realizing how they have been apart for so many years, Daniel grew nervous. Molly too remained silent, not knowing where to start, while for some reason, Daniel hoped that Molly would not ask anything. But his hopes were dashed the very next second.

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