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   Chapter 477 The One Who Loves More, Hurts More (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8198

Updated: 2019-04-06 03:46

Harrow was in Las Vegas when Spark called him. He thought he was dreaming when he saw who was calling him. After all these years, he had still been holding out hope that Spark would reach out to him. But he only got his hopes up for nothing. Years and years had passed and his phone never displayed Spark any time it rang. Shaking slightly, he answered his phone, "Spark? "

But all he heard was silence. Breaking the silence, Spark finally asked, "Is Mr. Brian in T City already?"

"Yes," Harrow answered, frowning, "What's wrong?" Harrow realized it the moment he said, "Spark, what are you going to do?" he asked, alarmed.

"I'm not going to do anything!" Spark snapped and hung up the phone. As soon as he hung up, his phone started ringing again - it was Harrow. He stared at the screen for a moment before picking up.

"Spark, you can't get into battle with Brian. It's too dangerous." Harrow warned him.

"This is none of your business." At that moment, Spark was a completely different person: gone was his charisma and charm; all he was now was cold and distant. He hung up the phone again without waiting for Harrow's response.

Upset, Harrow dialed Spark's number again only to get a busy tone. Shane who was sitting next to him nursing a goblet, glanced at him before he turned to look at the monitor ahead. This was the tricky part but he had been keeping an extra eye on him for quite a while and still he had nothing.

Harrow was feeling a little anxious because he knew Brian. He knew what kind of person he was more than most people. Brian was apathetic at his core but when it came to love, he could be surprisingly caring. And now that Spark was getting himself in the middle of Brian and Molly, he was worried for him. Didn't Spark think of the consequences?

"What's your little brother's beef with Brian? I thought he hated you?" Shane asked casually, his eyes still fixed on the monitor screen.

"I think you already know why." Harrow hissed.

Shane just smiled, "I thought Brian had already let that girl go. I thought if Molly could hide her whole life and go unnoticed then maybe Brian will finally take a hint, you know. That they would just forgive each other one day but I guess that's not going to happen."

The casino game they were playing drew to an end while they were talking. Shane was still trying to figure out how the hell he was cheated on. That was a million dollars! Upset, he turned to look at

ed wryly, not uttering a word. She didn't care whether it was a coincidence or not that Eric had showed up because all she could think about were Brian's cold words and how she would do anything to keep Mark.

"What happened?" Eric asked again, "Maybe, I can help you."

Molly wasn't saying or doing anything. Her face was still streaked with tears.

"Molly!" Eric raised his voice. She jolted at that then he continued talking, "You know how powerful my cousin is. If you want to get in battle with him, you have no other choice but to ask for help. You can't do this alone. I'm just trying to help you."

Molly could tell that Eric was being 100% serious. She stared at him, hope arising in her eyes. She had no time to think through this but Eric was her last resort. She was drowning and Eric was her life vest.

"Eric," Molly said nervously, "Brian's your cousin. Are you sure you can do this?"

Eric smiled wickedly, "It seems you've forgotten I want to take everything away from Brian."

'That's right because that's what he's doing to me too, '

Molly thought to herself. "Eric, I really hope you're not lying to me," she said through her teeth.

Eric shrugged, "So, now can you loop me in?"

"It was..." Molly trailed off because she suddenly caught sight of a man running across the road - about to be hit by their car. "Stop the car!" she cried, her eyes urgent.

Eric didn't realize what was happening. He just slammed his foot on the brakes. They were immediately met with a string of car honks which Molly ignored. She hurriedly unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car to run after the man.

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