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   Chapter 475 My Son, My Decisions (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5294

Updated: 2019-04-06 00:12

"Brian," Molly said, gritting her teeth, "Can't you just help me anyway? For Mark's sake? For old times' sake."

"Old times' sake?" Brian looked down as if he was trying to stomach the words. Suddenly, he lifted his head, sneering, "Molly, don't think so highly of yourself."

This stunned Molly. She smiled bitterly, "You're right. I've been overestimating myself all this time." She turned away, hiding the look on her face for a few moments before turning to look at Brian again. This time her tears were gone. She stared into Brian's eyes and said, "Brian, if I beg, will you help Mark?"

Looking into her wistful eyes, Brian almost gave in. He almost blurted out, "Anything for you." But he was able to control himself. He firmly said, "No. I just said he's not my son. And you and I? We just lived together for a few months, just housemates, nothing more. So don't bring up old times' sake, okay?"

Molly laughed miserably, staring at Brian long and hard. "Who do you think you are? Wake up! You aren't the center of the universe."

Molly turned around and stalked towards the door. It was difficult for her to take each step because she wanted to turn around so bad and scream at him and tell him that Mark was his son. Wouldn't he like to help his son speak? But, she was afraid she would lose Mark.

She didn't ever want to go back to Brian but if Brian ever found out about Mark, he would surely want to take Mark away from her. And she couldn't let that happen! No! Never!

Molly started crying again. Mark was all she had. She would have to be dead before she g

you were pregnant with my son! You took my son away from me and married another man!" Brian roared. Molly froze, her face white as a sheet. He continued, "You ruined Mark's life by refusing to go to me just so you could get away! I could have helped Mark! Do you hate me that much that you're willing to risk your son's life?"

"Brian, you're crazy!" Molly shrieked. Terror hit her eyes. "Mark is Spark's son!"

"Really?" Brian roughly released her to pick up a piece of paper that was sitting on his desk. "Take a look. Say that to me again after you see it," he spat as he tossed the piece of paper into Molly's face. "Let me oblige!"

Molly grabbed the paper in a flurry. When she read the words "DNA Test Report" in big, bold letters her face drained. And when she saw the figures that read "99.99%" in big, bold numbers, her head started spinning. "No, this can't be true. Mark is not your son. He's mine! He's mine!" she screeched.

"Molly," Brian said coldly, "marry whoever you want, but Mark is my son. He deserves to stay with me.


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