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   Chapter 474 My Son, My Decisions (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5625

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Molly made a face. "Well, since Manny isn't around, I have to go down there myself to take care of some things."

Spark didn't want to talk about it anymore so he let it go. He knew deep down that Molly really had lots of things to do. "Okay, Mark and I will meet you for lunch," he suggested.

"Okay," Molly responded. She whispered something quickly to Mark before leaving.

Her first stop was Dream Media where she had to iron out a few details about the concert. After that, she took a cab to go to the Empire Hospital but she was told that she had to walk her way up starting from the foot of the mountain. Apparently, the road was private and no one else was allowed there without a pass and only the Long family could give you a pass.

Molly stood at the foot of the mountain, looking at the seemingly endless road ahead. 'Closing down a road just for their use?! What a bunch of elitists!' she groaned inwardly.

Letting out a deep sigh, Molly trod towards the hospital. Maybe, it was because of the quiet or the pain in her foot but Molly began to think about Brian and the previous day at the hospital. She started to slow down as she hoped with all her might that Brian wouldn't find out the truth about Mark.

'If, ' Molly stopped in her tracks, 'If Brian knew about Mark then he would definitely come to see me and he didn't, '

Molly reasoned to herself. She felt relieved and walked on.

Even then, she was already married to Spark and that was legally binding. They were just waiting for the concert to finish before leaving the city. From then, she, Spark and Mark would live on the island. They would forget all about their past and just focus on start

e pages.

Brian rose to his feet as he walked towards Molly. She instinctively backed a few steps as if she had seen a ghost. This pricked Brian's heart like a sharp needle yet his face registered nothing. He leaned against the desk and coldly uttered, "The test result says..."

He trailed off on purpose, keeping his eyes fixed on her, trying to capture every shift of emotion she showed. Sensing the impatience in her eyes, he continued, "It's congenital. The nerves in charge of speech were damaged by the drug during pregnancy."

Molly's face registered so many phases of emotions. She kept her eyes fixed on Brian, gasping for breath as she sensed something dreadful looming. "Can it be fixed?" she asked.

"I don't know," Brian simply said.

"What do you mean you don't know?" she asked, surprised. "Since when does all-powerful Mr. Brian Long not know something?" she asked sarcastically.

Molly was clearly angry now, Brian could tell. He sneered at her, "He isn't even my son. Why should I care? And I offered to help in exchange for one thing but you turned me down. Don't you recall that, Molly?"

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