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   Chapter 472 My Son, My Decisions (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5674

Updated: 2019-04-05 01:10

It's considered good advice when someone tells you to just move on from the past because after all it's over and nothing can be done about it and look forward to the future in which you still have the power to control. But what people miss is that future is related and affected by the past, sometimes even caused by the past.


Brian gazed at the figure: in big bold numbers, it read 99.99%. Brian felt a surge of complicated feelings come in changing the entire atmosphere of the floor. For a moment, he felt as if he wanted to laugh but as to why? He didn't know.

Dr. Fan had been up the whole night running tests. When the result came out, he was much shocked. He didn't expect this of Brian because the Brian that he had come to know had the strongest will power, even stronger than Richie's. He never expected Brian to impregnate a woman unwed.

Brian was always committed to the relationships that he had - a characteristic that was common among the Long family members. Brian himself too wanted a relationship like his parents had - something he had always admired. Then how could he have had a four-year-old son without his knowing about it?

Dr. Fan stared at the file that Brian had in his hands. Even though Brian was trying to remain calm, his hand was shaking uncontrollably.

Suddenly, Dr. Fan understood why Brian had asked him to do the test; he probably already had a gut feeling about it.

"You can go home," Brian ordered, his tone cold and his eyes black. "Thank you, Dr. Fan."

"It's my job to work for your family, Mr. Brian Long," Dr. Fan reminded him. Although Richie wasn't part of the Empire anymore, he was still Brian's father and therefore, part of

ng the previous night.

"Mol, you said you would give me an answer."

Their faces had been so close that Molly could feel Spark's warm breath on her face. Her heart was pounding. She stared at him, her eyes full and wide. She had thought about this very much and she already had an answer but right now, for some reason, she was suddenly uncertain. She licked her lips nervously and shifted her eyes.


"Spark," Molly said with her eyes still lowered, "when you found me in London that night four years ago, you took me to the hospital and you found out I was pregnant. Why did you cancel your plans just so you could stay with me?"

Spark could tell that Molly was being careful. His heart ached at that thought. "I didn't expect to see you at all so it came as a shock when I found out you were pregnant. When the doctor told me that you had depression, I was surprised because you seemed so strong and happy when I first met you in A City. I mean, granted, there was a lot on your mind back then but still, I couldn't believe it."

Molly lifted her eyes after he finished speaking, finally meeting his eyes.

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