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   Chapter 471 The DNA Test (Part Two)

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Noticing this, he continued to ask, "Then, what about today?"

"Today? No-nothing either," she continued, with her eyes drifting away from Spark's.

Dismayed by her words, he replied with a frown, "Mol, you suck at lying."

Feeling busted, she insisted, "I…" But even before she could finish her words, he interrupted her and said, "If you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you."

Then, Spark held Molly's hand with his eyes lowered. His fingers stroked the calluses on her palm, which were from years of doing housework since childhood. "But, I don't want you to lie to me. If you don't want to tell me what happened, just tell me so. That's all I want, okay?"

After saying these words, he then raised his head to look at Molly. Her eyes were so bright and clear. Nothing could be hidden behind those eyes, not even the fact that she'd been bearing all the pain from her past for the last four years. However, did Molly understand how painful it had been for him to watch her endure all that alone?

After thinking about this, Spark placed his palm on her cheek, slowly brushed his thumb on her soft, glimmering skin and said, while looking in her eyes, "The past is in the past. In the future, no matter what happens, I'll always be the one you can trust. Mol, I hope you know that." Spark sounded wistful.

Touched by the sincerity of his words, her heart started to sink from her worries. She said, "Spark, I..."

But even before she could finish, Spark interrupted her again, "Shh...", and placed his thumb on top of her soft lips, looking at her teasingly with his left brow raised. Seeing how Molly was taken aback by his words, he pulled her in his arms and teasingly said, "You were moved, weren't you?"

After hearing this, Molly frowned and looked up at Spark, who returned to his usual arrogant look. From the tone of his words and the way he looked, she knew in an instant that she was fooled.

"Spark!" she exclaimed, slowly hitting his chest. She then gritted her teeth and pushed him away. Spark looked at her. The flustered and worried looks in her eyes were all gone. Then, he said, "I know, I know, my name is awesome! But could you please not call my name so affectionately?"

Surprised, "I never knew you have such thick skin!", she replied.

"Thick?" Spark touched his face, trying to tease her even more. "I can't seem to find a proof that my face is thick, just as you said," he said, trying to act worried. "It's not thick at all. See? My skin is fair, smooth, and, just like my name, awesome! You can see it all over my face," he jokingly continued.

Hearing this, Molly couldn't help but burst into lau

hould've known?" Brian asked straightforwardly.

On the other line, Dr. He was stunned to hear his question. His heart almost jumped into his throat. His hand held the phone harder involuntarily. He didn't understand why Brian was bringing up the past all of a sudden. Nervous, he answered, "Mr. Brian Long, I...I don't understand..."

"You don't understand?" Brian's voice got colder. Learning how the world works, he became good at reading people's minds and actions. Dr. He's flustered words had already betrayed him.

Brian's coldness seemed to have reached the other line. Despite the fact that he had just finished a 10 hour-surgery, it seemed like Dr. He's exhaustion had disappeared. He was hesitant, wondering whether he should tell Brian the truth.

At that point, the door of the lab opened. The piercing sound dominated the quiet hallway. Brian turned around and saw Dr. Fan on his way to him with a piece of paper in his hand. As Dr. Fan came closer, Brian sent out shiver to the other line and said, "You'd better start praying for yourself right now. Pray that you didn't make a big mistake back then!"

Hearing Brian's threatening cold words, Dr. He grew pale with fright. His hand went numb and the phone slipped from his grasp. As it fell on the floor with a loud bang, his heart tightened. It seemed like it had fallen on his heart.

Brian walked towards the approaching Dr. Fan. Looking at the doctor's grave face, he took the paper from his hand.

As he skimmed through the data, his eyes quickly headed to the conclusion at the bottom. It said that the match rate of the chromosomes was 99.99%.

Narrowed, Brian's eyes fixed on the paper, burning. Brian felt betrayed and deceived. Fury spilled from his eyes and filled the entire floor.

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