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   Chapter 470 The DNA Test (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8872

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Just like a moth flying into a flame, as much as we know love hurts, we all fall in love eventually. In our love story, we always love and hate each other at the same time.

But as long as we try, there's no reason for us to give up.

After arriving at the villa, Brian headed straight to the study and went through the files Tony had faxed, which contained Spark and Molly's lives for the past four years. He then picked up the pile of papers from the desk and started reading it carefully, as if he was afraid to miss a word.

Right after reading the last word on the paper, his brows started to knit tightly together. He reached his hand and his fingers tapped on one arm of the chair, with his eyes fixed on the copy of Spark and Molly's marriage registration.

With only a single lamp emitting a dim, warm light in the study, Brian was like a lonely king in the night. However, this king was evil as Satan. Nobody could understand, nor see through his emotions and loneliness.


Meanwhile, in the Chinese restaurant of Smile Hotel, Mark was enjoying his Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork.

Overwhelmed by the luscious taste of the food served, he kept on jumping from one dish to another. He couldn't help but exclaim how the Chinese dishes in the hotel beat all the food he had tried abroad.

Spark placed his hand on Mark's head and started rubbing it affectionately and said, "The Chinese food abroad is localized, so it tastes different from that at home. If you want, Daddy will focus on working at home. Sounds good?"

Mark tilted his head and thought about it. Then, he shook his head.

"Don't you like the idea?" Spark asked wondering how he would reply. Trying to convey his emotions to his father, Mark shook his head again in disagreement.

Slowly placing down his chopsticks, he then told his father in sign language, "Daddy's dream is to work abroad. If Daddy doesn't like staying at home, I don't like it either."

"Mark, you are Daddy's biggest dream. Daddy will be happy anywhere as long as you are happy," Spark answered with a gentle smile. After saying these words, Spark then rubbed his head again.

Molly was spooning some soup for Mark. After hearing their conversation, she fell into a daze; her hand stopped in mid-air. She looked at Spark, eyes filled with mixed emotions. Somehow, she was scared. She didn't know what she would do once Spark knew who was Mark's real father. Moreover, she was also afraid that Brian might find out Mark's real identity. Watching Mark talk with Spark so happily, she placed the soup in front of Mark. Her worries grew even more. How she wished this moment would last forever. As a

roared along the quiet private road to Empire Hospital.


Meanwhile, in Smile Hotel, Mark went to bed after a comfortable bath.

Tired from protesting Brian in the past few days, he easily went into a deep slumber. Molly was telling him a story, but he fell asleep before the story was over.

Seeing Mark's peaceful face, Molly walked quietly out of the room and saw Spark sitting on the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze.

"Is Mark asleep?" Spark asked. Molly nodded and sat down beside Spark in a rattan chair.

It was early summer, so the night gushed a cool wind.

For a moment, neither Spark nor Molly spoke. They remained seated quietly, enjoying the solitude. After a while, Molly broke the silence and asked, "Is the matter in Taipei settled?"

After hearing her question, Spark gave a wry smile. "It's been so many years. It's pointless to settle it this time," he answered, looking straight ahead.

Molly furrowed her brows. Spark had never mentioned his past, so she couldn't bring herself to ask either. She understood that everyone has their own past and scars along with it. So, she knew that asking him could tear some of his old scars.

Feeling Molly's melancholy, Spark turned to her with a smile and ran a finger down her nose.

"Ah! What are you doing?" she exclaimed in surprise, with her brows even furrowed.

Looking at Molly who was slightly annoyed, Spark gave a wider smile. "Tell me, what happened last night? You seem so off. Is something troubling you?" he asked.

Surprised from his question, Molly could no longer think straight and give an excuse. "Last...last night? Nothing...nothing happened," Molly answered in fluster. The look on her face gave her away. Spark knew that she was indeed hiding something.

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