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   Chapter 469 The Question of Letting Her Go (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6225

Updated: 2019-04-05 00:02

She suddenly looked at Elias defensively.

Elias looked back at her in confusion. He thought she was afraid of needles so he asked, "Don't you want for Mark to be able to speak?"

"How so?"

"Then just buckle up and close your eyes, we have to take your blood," Elias said with a tone of finality.

Molly felt like she was being scrutinized by Elias. She wanted Mark to be able to speak and she knew Elias could do that but...

She gritted her teeth, gulped, and took a deep breath. She couldn't hide the fear from her face but she sucked it up in the end. It was not like she had a choice. She turned her head away as Elias injected the needle into her skin. The look in her eyes proved Elias right: she was afraid of needles. Meanwhile, Molly was feeling a wave of emotions left and right.

She didn't know if Brian was going to find out the truth about Mark this way, but she had been thinking about this all those years of Mark being unable to speak. She thought to herself, 'Maybe, if I wasn't so stubborn about keeping Mark then maybe I wouldn't be this worried now.

But how could I ever let go of Mark? Mark is all I have. I would have nothing if I didn't have Mark.'

"Okay, we already have everything we need," Elias finally said interrupting Molly's train of thought. He placed the tiny glass container where Molly's blood was in a rack, "We won't get the results until tomorrow."

Molly nodded. She quickly glimpsed at the vial of blood that Elias was holding earlier as she walked out of the room uneasily.

Mark jumped off his chair and ran towards Molly when he saw her heading for the door.

Molly lowered herself so she could rub Mark's head. "Doctor says we won't have the result until tomorrow," she said with a smile.

Mark nodded obediently. Looking at his dimpled-face, Molly smiled but she felt an emptiness in her hea

n today, no littering of stars, just the bright round moon in solitude - a metaphor for himself, Brian thought.

Brian had told himself that it was time to give up and let her go. But he couldn't stop thinking about her, and the scene he just saw at the hotel.

Bang! Click! Brian's fist went through the car window, making one clean crack down the middle, a trace of blood sliding along the crack.

Brian thought he could relieve the pain in his heart by transferring it to his hand. Brian glowered and sneered at himself.

He withdrew his hand and inspected the long trace of blood on the window. He frowned as his eyes darkened - something came to his mind.

His face was hardened as he took his phone out and dialed a number.

"Mr. Brian!" Tony's greeting came through the other line.

"Find out all you can about Molly and Spark in the past four years and see if the check has already come through." Brian said flatly. He hung up the phone without waiting for Tony's response. He started the car and headed for the villa.

'Mol, this is my last expectation. If the result turned out as it is, I will let you go for your happiness. But if I find something else...'

Brian narrowed his eyes emitting a thin ray of light!

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