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   Chapter 468 The Question of Letting Her Go (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7125

Updated: 2019-04-04 03:11

If you're already happy with another man, is it time to finally let you go?


Molly grimaced when she was asked, "Are you sure it's okay for you to do the exam?" Even Mark noticed that something was wrong with her. He looked at her questioningly.

"No, no," Molly tried to twist her face into a smile. "Why wouldn't I be okay with it?"

Brian stared at Molly, his eyes dark and piercing. He held his gaze for a while before he withdrew and turned to Elias to gesture that at least Mark should take the exam. Mark seemed more relaxed now that Molly was here. Mark waved at Molly before following Elias to the examination room.

Now, Molly and Brian were alone in the ward. Molly kept standing still, worried and her mind far off; her head was hung lowly. Brian could clearly see her.

Molly was standing for so long that her injured ankle had already numbed down. It wasn't until she realized this that she tried to move her leg but it was too weak so she had to slap her hands on the wall for support. She looked at Brian helplessly.

Brian looked at her coldly. Molly pressed her lips together, embarrassed. Only then did Brian take out his phone and dial a number, "Send an orthopedist upstairs."

He hung up right away and then walked towards the terrace, pressing a button on the remote control. The button triggered the windows that had originally wrapped the terrace to rise and fold.

The breeze and afternoon warmth came spilling alone with the fragrance of the greens and the flowers. It was very quiet where they were but there was something about it that seemed woeful.

Brian stood at the terrace, both hands shoved in his pockets. He remained where he was even when he heard the door open and the orthopedist come in. He could also hear the nurse asking questions as she treated the scratches on Molly's arm. He just listened from where he was, never turning his head, not even flinching. When the orthopedist and nurse left, they were back to utter silence.

As Molly looked at Brian's figure, she realized that after the four years, he had become more steady and reserved. But he had also become

g out from the window onto the bracelet, giving it a gorgeous glow. He touched the bracelet softly with the tips of his fingers as he mumbled in a low voice that only he could hear, "Brian and I thought we would never find you because of Richie. We did everything we could, sacrificed so much just so we could find you and now that we have, you repay us by being married to someone else with a child! Molly, if you really do love him as you say you do then I can't do anything about that, but if there's even a slightest doubt in your relationship with Spark, then I'll hold on to that.'


Molly's heart was beating so quickly as Elias examined her. When Elias started to draw blood from her, Molly looked at him in distress, "I need to have my blood taken?"

Elias frowned as he nodded, "Of course."

"Do I really need to? Will it not work if I don't have my blood taken?"

Elias shook his head much to Molly's disappointment. She knew that even if she did have her blood taken, they wouldn't find out the truth about Mark unless they really looked into it. But she didn't want to take the risk. If Brian ever found out Mark and the truth about her relationship with Spark...

Molly didn't even want to imagine what would happen because if she dared to try and imagine, she wouldn't stop trembling. She couldn't and wouldn't ever lose Mark and she wouldn't bear anybody trying to take Mark away from her.

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