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   Chapter 466 Of Love and Suffering (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7277

Updated: 2019-04-04 01:33

All the blood from Molly's face drained out as she heard his offer. She stared at Brian, her mouth agape, unable to process the information. How could he! He was unbelievable!

"You're insane, Brian! You're a lunatic!" Molly shouted furiously, "Then you might as well just kill Spark if you cut off one of his hands! Music is his life!"

Molly knew that Spark had learned to play the violin because his mother wished him to do so. His passion for it was planted deep inside him. It was his life and it was a part of him. It had always been in him since he was born. She couldn't imagine what would happen to Spark if he had to stop playing ever.

"Okay, I'll just kill him then," Brian said casually, "Either way, he wouldn't be the first person I've killed. I've done this so many times before. Sparing his life wouldn't make me a saint."

"What the..." Molly said in disbelief. She couldn't finish her sentence, nor believe what she was hearing. She pushed Brian just as he was trying to get close to her. She uttered in clenched teeth, "You're a demon, Brian."

Brian's heart contorted when he heard Molly spit those words at him. His eyes dimmed, unable to control the sadness. But Molly didn't see that. "Okay, fine! I'm the demon! I'm always the demon in your eyes! But just come back to me, Molly! What do you want to happen? You have to choose. Mark or Spark's hand. It's your choice, Molly."

Brian unlocked the car and leaned over to push the door on Molly's side open. After which, he pushed her out of the car before she could even respond. He closed the door at once, started the engine, and sped off. He did all of this in one swift move.

Brian drove like a maniac - his car just flew through the road. But his car screeched to a halt just barely a few miles over.

Brian saw Molly still crumpled up on the ground through his side mirror. She looked so tragic in her chiffon skirt. Molly had seemingly injured her ankle from the fall. Her dress was ripped apart on the back that her porcelain skin had peeked through. On her shoulders and arms were cuts and gashes from hitting the stones on the ground. Her face was twisted in pain.

Brian couldn't

s. It was a long alley lined with trees that towered over an empty road. Molly was starting to get irritated.

Molly got more and more irritated as they continued to pass through this long and empty alley. Until finally, she couldn't hold it any longer so she asked, "Brian, where are we going?"

Brian didn't respond to Molly. Instead, he stomped on the gas.

Molly quickly held on to the rail of the door out of instinct. Her mind was racing now. She was so flustered that she couldn't even think. She had even forgotten about the pain on her ankle. 'What's going on here? What's going to happen to me? What should I do?' her mind shifted through so many questions.

Molly's face had always been an open book. So while her mind was racing through so many questions, her face was printing all of it as it was happening. Her eyes were like season tickets to her heart and soul. Brian glanced at Molly, sure enough correctly guessing what Molly was speculating. 'How could she think of me that way?' Brian asked to himself, enraged.

The car pulled into a screeching halt.

The tires squealed as they halted on the road. Molly probably would have slammed into the windshield had she not been holding onto the rail so tight. She was just thrown slightly forward before her seatbelt drew her back. She looked at Brian, confused. Then he opened his mouth, "If you want to take Mark away with you, then you have to spend the night with me.


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