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   Chapter 465 Of Love and Suffering (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7114

Updated: 2019-04-04 00:12

My lover is my other half. If my lover got hurt, it would hurt me too even more. But don't ever apologize for all that I will suffer for you because I love you and that's all I can give you right now.

Molly was able to see Brian clearly as he drew nearer. His features were enhanced because of how near he was. It had happened so quickly that Molly was unable to muster a response. But her lips quivered as she listened to Brian breathing. Soon after, Brian leaned in to press his lips against hers.

Molly watched it all happen, her pupils dilated. It took her back. It was all so familiar, his smell, his aura, and this kiss. The kiss clouded her mind. As gentle as the kiss was, Molly was reminded of her past that she had tried so hard to forget. Suddenly, everything that had happened between her and Brian was clear as day as if it was happening right this moment.

Molly's face turned pale. Shocked, she lifted her hands to push Brian away, and she did it either out of her strength or Brian's unawareness.

Molly lifted her hand to slap Brian. While Molly moved swiftly, she was no match for Brian because he instinctively blocked her hand, holding on to her wrist. His face was unreadable as he fastened his grip on Molly's wrist, locking it in place.

Molly was flustered as Brian's grip on her wrist was starting to hurt. She had started to sweat. Brows furrowed and filled with anger, she shouted, "Let me go!"

Brian's eyes dimmed as he stared in Molly's disgusted face. But under that coldness was mockery for himself. Anyone who really looked could tell that Brian was only covering his misery.

"Your lips still taste the same." Brian said in such a low voice it was almost as if he was just speaking to himself. When he saw the expression on Molly's face, he continued, "But, they don't belong to me anymore."

Brian said, chuckling. Molly found it difficult to stomach Brian's words. She couldn't breathe as she continued to struggle from Brian's grip, "My hand hurts. Let me go!"

Brian didn't budge. He continued to watch Molly struggle. Brian's heart stung every time Molly struggled in front o

look in his eyes. "I'm busy, I'll talk to you when I go back there," Molly said hurriedly.

"Mol, what happened?" Spark asked, sounding upset as he had sensed that something changed in Molly's voice.

"Nothing, nothing's happened!" Molly denied in a hurry. She steadied her voice before continuing, "I have something to handle, Spark. I'll go back to the hotel as soon as I finish it. Just take a rest in the hotel... You must be tired. I have to go now, bye."

Molly didn't wait for Spark to respond, she hung up the phone immediately. She lifted her head to look at Brian nervously.

"Are you afraid," Brian said boldly, "that your husband will find out your secret? What if he finds out that the man you used to sleep with was with you the entire time you were on the phone with him? How do you think he'll take it?"

"Brian!" Molly spat.

Ignoring Molly's anger, Brian continued, "How do you feel, Molly? You looked scared when I mentioned our history."

Brian turned towards Molly as he spoke. He reached out to touch her face. His touch immediately made Molly jerk away and sneer at his hand. Brian said flatly, "Molly, you told me to leave Mark out of this. You were right, and I will,"

Molly appreciated this and she showed it in her eyes.

"How about we change our terms?" Brian continued, knitting his eyebrows and gazing at Molly, "You come back to me or Spark loses one of his hands."

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