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   Chapter 464 Getting Close, Again (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7082

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"This is a lesson for you," Brian said to him while his eyes were still fixed on the book, "that when you're about to do anything, you must consider whether you have the ability, or..." he raised his eyes to take a look at Mark, "you are ready for the consequences of your decision."

"You're bad people!"

Mark signed angrily but Brian seemed unaffected at all, at least he seemed not.

"Send him there," Brian ordered Tony, who was standing at the corner. "When Elias arrives, tell him to go there right away!"

"Yes!" Tony answered and then gave a hint to the security man to take Mark out of the villa.

Mark kept struggling and his mouth kept wriggling as if to yell something yet he wasn't able to produce a sound. Looking at Mark, who was still struggling in the car, Tony couldn't help but sigh slightly.

Yesterday when he had driven Carina back, she had mentioned that Brian might be able to get through Mark by provoking anger or irritation.

However, just a while ago, Mr. Brian Long had provoked and irritated him intentionally, but obviously, he was still not able to break through him.

When everyone else had left, silence enveloped the villa once again. Brian went on reading the book all by himself. After a while, the ringing sound of his cellphone came through. He put the book down and picked up his cellphone. He glanced at the number displayed on the screen and answered the phone by placing it on his ear.

"Brian Long..." Molly's voice, which sounded rather tired, came through the line, "where are you? Where on earth are you? Where are you and Mark?"

Molly sounded like on the edge of collapse but Brian seemed not moved. He asked in an indifferent tone, "Have you thought clearly and made a decision?"

"I want to see Mark!" Molly shouted on the phone, unconcerned of the fact that she was in public, drawing the attention of passers-by in the street instantly.

It was summer in T City, where the air was awfully hot and wet. Every time the wind blew, it brought with it the smell of seawater and that humid, sticky feeling. For such a long time, Molly had lived in A C


Molly had no time to pay attention to the pain on her forehead. She turned her head and looked at Brian while taking deep breathes. Gritting her teeth, she said, "The dignified Mr. Brian Long, the arrogant Mr. Brian Long, the domineering Mr. Brian Long... likes a married woman that much? Why? Is it because that Mr. Brian Long has never tried being a third party and wants to have such an experience?!"

Brian's face turned frighteningly dark, and the corner of his mouth quivered slightly. Looking at Molly's eyes which was full of mockery, he grasped her neck with his hands and said coldly, "Say that again!"

The car was filled with intense anger inside. Looking at Brian who was utterly enraged, Molly was dumbfounded and had forgotten to react for a moment. She only glared at him with her clear eyes, which gradually showed the emotions she had hidden deep in her heart, revealing her mixed feelings of worry, avoidance, and panic.

Seeing the sudden change of expressions in Molly's eyes, Brian's memory came back to that winter. All of a sudden, his eyes turned deep and bottomless, where all the pain he had hidden was buried.

Molly compressed her lips tightly, her body was slightly shaking uncontrollably. While she was holding her breath, Brian's face got bigger and bigger in her eyes. Before she could have any time to react, his thin lips had already covered her quivering lips.

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