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   Chapter 463 Getting Close, Again (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7311

Updated: 2019-04-03 01:30

When a woman's eyes looked like those of a horror-stricken elk, a man's inner beast is most likely to be awakened.


Molly's words of objection, which slightly contained fury, passed through the phone to Brian's ear. Hearing this, he squinted slowly and looked ahead with sharp light emanating from his falcon-like eyes. As the hair on his temples quivered, he sneered and said, "I can do anything to him without hesitation just because he's not my son, right?"

"Brian Long!" Molly roared with fury, "What on earth are you doing?"

"Don't you have an idea what I'm doing?"

Molly forcibly exerted force onto the cellphone she was holding in her hand that Brian even heard a grappling sound on the other side of the phone. Gritting her teeth, she said, "Don't you feel ashamed to trouble a kid?"

"Ashamed?" Brian sneered slightly, while his face was filled with mockery, a kind of self-mockery.

He couldn't help but mock himself after thinking all the things he had done for Molly which he was not supposed to do or had even imagined himself to do



Yet deep inside, he did not mind doing one more thing that he would be ashamed of.

With coldness in his eyes, Brian said slowly, "I care about the result, but of course, the process needs to be effective!"

"You're a heartless beast!" Gritting her teeth, the words squeezed out from the gap between Molly's teeth. At the moment, her heart was quivering uncontrollably. She seldom slept at night. The few times she was so tired to snooze off, she would wake up from the same nightmare, in which Brian found out that Mark was his son. She did not know how to get along with Brian right now, but she knew that she should by all means prevent him from knowing that fact. Otherwise, it would be certain that Brian would take Mark away from her.

It seemed that Brian turned a deaf ear to what Molly has said. After a while, Brian said in a low voice, "Now, you still have a half day for you to consider!"

Before he was able to say anything more, a beep sound came through the phone, indicating that the line was hung up. Brian pulled in his thin lips in an almost invisible way, while the lig

a, he thought for a while and realized that it seemed impossible that there was nobody else in such a big place. He approached the gate discreetly by hiding at every shelter he could find, but he still did not see anybody.

Mark looked around in confusion, then he looked at the open gate and thought about something. He looked back at the villa and felt that it was too easy to come out. However, despite hesitation, he still chose to run out of the gate.

Mark's every move from beginning to end had been in the sight of Brian. He knew that the child was up to something when he saw Mark stopped abruptly in the stairs. He stood in front of the window and told John and other people to retreat and let Mark escape. Of course, he did not really let him leave.

Sitting on the sofa, Brian was drinking the hot tea made by Lisa while reading a book calmly. After a while, Mark was escorted in front of him, caught back by a security marshall. He took a slight glance at Mark and then turned his eyes back at the book in his hand.

Like a distraught cub, Mark glared at Brian. He had been running with all his strength along the road down the mountain. He planned to run to the foot of the mountain where he could take a taxi and ride back to the hotel for his mommy. However, just as he had been completely exhausted and was catching his breath, a car had stopped in front of him all of a sudden, and this man in black had taken him back to the villa.

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