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   Chapter 462 We Are Strangers (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6351

Updated: 2019-04-03 01:30

"Brian, I'm begging you." Molly pleaded, "We're from different worlds. Just let me go and give Mark back to me. I already have a family. I have this whole new life. I'm begging you, please."

Her voice broke as it was punctuated with sobs. Brian's heart stung at the sound of misery in Molly's voice.

He should be angry at her for leaving him. But when they saw each other again, the only thing he felt was love for her that never went away despite the abandonment.

Brian jolted as he felt his heart sting. He scanned the room which was shrouded in darkness. It wasn't even dawn yet. He wasn't a heavy sleeper and he hadn't had a good night's sleep since Molly left him. He constantly thought of that one night when Molly told him over and over again how much she loved him. But he also constantly thought back to when she threw her phone to the ground.

His mind recalled hanging up on Molly the previous night. He didn't know if it was out of hesitation or because of Molly's simple request. Either way, he hated himself for still trying to force a bridge between him and Molly even though they were nothing but strangers now.

He kicked his quilt aside and got out of bed. He walked out of his bedroom and headed for Mark's. He instinctively watched his steps as he neared Mark's bedroom. He carefully opened the door unsurprised to find that Mark had once again kicked his quilt aside. He trod towards the bed to fix his quilt and sit on the bedside.

Mark was the spitting image of her mother. Brian couldn't help but be reminded of Molly. Looking at Mark made him feel like he was with Molly too. It somehow absolved his yearning to be with her. Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of love like the one Richie and Shirley had. He thought he had found it with Becky but he was wrong. But as for Molly... It didn't matter whether this was the end or just the start or not. He had alread

ed and gestured for Mark to sit down so he can have breakfast.

This made Mark wonder. If this man knew his mom then why would he take him away from her? Mark was more afraid of this man than he hated him because he knew that this man wouldn't hurt him. In fact, he would even help him speak.

But over the years, he had never interacted with anyone else besides Manny, dad, and mom. So he wasn't sure if he could trust this man.

Brian poured him a glass of milk and slid it towards him, "Your mom will be here tonight."

"Really?" Mark asked in sign language.

Brian looked at Mark whose eyes suddenly lit up. They were so much like Molly's that it distracted him momentarily. He snapped out of his daze and grimaced, "Mmm," he said flatly.

Brian's phone buzzed. He put the jug of milk down and picked up his phone. He made a face when he saw the number on the screen. He answered it as he walked towards the window.

"Brian," Molly sounded tired, "Mark likes milk and he doesn't like his eggs poached."

"You're acting as if you're on a TV show where you just lost custody to your child and you think I don't know how to take care of him."

Brian said nonchalantly. His words bewildered Molly. Suddenly, she shrieked, "He's not your son!


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