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   Chapter 461 We Are Strangers (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6797

Updated: 2019-04-03 01:03

I dreamt that we were together and we were happy and most of all, we were in love. But I woke up only to find that it was all a dream and in reality, we were just strangers.


Carina stood in front of Brian, throwing up her hands in the air, exasperated, "That child's subconscious is too strong. Even after he's been in a state of deep hypnosis, he still won't accept my guidance."

Carina said this with a tinge of excitement too, she had never seen anything like this. But when she saw Brian's cold eyes, she muttered, "I hate how your eyes are just like your father's. Cold."

Carina frowned at the thought of Richie, wrinkles appearing in her smooth skin.

Brian noticed this but didn't say anything about it. Instead, he asked apathetically, "Do you have other ways to treat him?"

Carina shook her head as she sank into a chair. She looked out into the dark night, her mind far away. After a while, she started to shake her head as if to snap herself out of it.

"I guess I would be of little assistance this time," Carina said regretfully, "But if you..."

"No way!" Brian cut her off. He already knew what Carina was going to say: she wanted to experiment on the child. Of course, he hated the child. The child was a constant reminder of Molly and Spark's relationship. But that didn't mean that he would allow Carina to make him her guinea pig.

Carina was visibly disappointed but when she thought about Richie and how Brian had very few memories of her, she let go of the idea. "What a waste," she wailed, "I've never seen such strong willpower especially from a child." Then she looked at Brian and continued, "I was never able to hypnotize you too when you were a child. I guess this child has the same willpower as you do."

He didn't think too much of what Carina had said, "Well, I'll thank you all the same."

"And I'll thank you if you let me experiment on him." Carina tried one last time but when she saw the look Brian had just given her, she sighed and took it back, "Fine, I was just jokin

e privacy. He waited until Tony had completely left before calling Molly back. Molly answered right away. Apparently, she had been waiting for him to call back all this time.



None of them said anything for a while until Brian broke the silence, "If you don't have anything to say I'm hanging up."

"Hold on!" Molly said, alarmed. Her breathing was audible through the phone, "Brian... Mark... Is he asleep?"

Brian turned to gaze at the window where he could see how dark the night was, "Why? Do you think he wouldn't be able to fall asleep with me around?"

Molly bit her lips, furrowing her eyebrows. She knew Mark was a good boy who did as he was told. But Mark had never left her side before. How could she know that he could take care of himself? What more was that Mark was with Brian, his biological father. She feared that Brian would figure out that Mark was his son.

This made her more uneasy. Mark was hers and she couldn't stand it if Brian were to take him away from her. And she didn't want to come back to Brian too.

She had spent years trying to forget all about her past and it wasn't easy starting anew either. It took her a while before she was even able to accept Spark into her life. And she wouldn't allow herself to go back to that dark place. No, not after all her hard work. She just couldn't risk it.

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