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   Chapter 460 It's Never Just Destiny (Part Two)

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He placed the flowers by the headstone. On it was a photo of a woman dimmed by the poor light. Even in its vagueness, one could see how beautiful and elegant the woman was.

Spark stood there for a long time only getting interrupted by the approaching footsteps.

Spark glanced sideways refusing to turn his head completely and said coldly, "You know no one is allowed in when I'm here."

Harrow continued to walk towards him, his hands in his pockets, stopping only when he was alongside Spark in front of the headstone. He bowed his head before flatly saying, "There's something we need to talk about."

"I don't think so."

Harrow made a face at Spark's cold tone but he kept his cool. He turned so that he was looking directly at Spark, "What if it's about Molly?"

The moment Harrow said her name, Spark titled his head, "What do you mean?"

"We should discuss this somewhere, else," Harrow said as he walked back to the gate, "I don't want to talk about such things in front of your mother's headstone."

Spark clenched his fists in anger but Harrow didn't miss a step.

Harrow stood in front of the garden. These orange calla lilies were a gift from his father to Spark's mother. But she never got to see them blossom.

Harrow couldn't for the life of him define what he was feeling. Was it hatred? Sympathy? Sadness? Regret? Or did he truly believe that he was right from the very start?

Calla lilies. Orange calla lilies. It was a symbol for his father's everlasting love for Spark's mother.

How ridiculous!

His father must have


Molly suddenly wanted to cry but she collected herself and forced herself to answer cheerily, "It's going very well. Everything has already been settled with Russell."

For some reason, this didn't relieve Spark in any way. In fact, it made him worry even more. "I'll be flying out there tomorrow," he said.

"Spark," Molly said, alarmed, "You don't have to worry, I'll wait for you. Just finish your work there first."

She was so relentless about it that Spark had no choice but to agree even though that wasn't what he really wanted. What he wanted was to see her right away. So he decided to fly out anyway.


At the villa, it had been more than three hours since Carina began to hypnotize Mark. Brian sat in the stool at the living room bar nursing a goblet in his hands after work. He absentmindedly swirled the glass as he stared out into the lights.

There was a slight noise upstairs that made Brian stand up. At that moment, Carina was just walking down the stairs so he asked her, "Can he speak now?


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