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   Chapter 459 It's Never Just Destiny (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5597

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In the mountain at the T City, a villa lay atop it which used to be Richie's home.

It was also where Richie and Shirley first fell in love.

For both Richie and Shirley and even Frank, it was a place filled with countless unforgettable memories.

And now in that same villa, Mark was scanning the room, his eyes widened. Everything was either black or white and Mark didn't like this. He pursed his lips and sat in the sofa as he was told. Fear was evident in his eyes and he would occasionally glance at the man in black by the door.

Suddenly, the door flew open. Mark stood up instinctively. And when he saw that it was Brian who had walked in, he glared at him and angrily gestured, "Let me go home!"

Mark wasn't sure if Brian understood him so he walked towards the door to emphasize it further.

Brian coldly looked at Mark and motioned for the guard, the man in black by the door, to stop Mark. The guard immediately walked towards Mark and put a hand on both of Mark's little wrists. Mark frantically shook his arms as he gasped for breath.

Carina cast a glance at Mark, who was helpless, and chuckled. Her green eyes were tinged with an evil spark.

"Carina," Brian warned in his deep voice, "he's not your guinea pig."

The arrogant expression Carina wore didn't waiver one bit but she responded meaningfully to Brian, "You know what? "It's easy to hypnotize kids, but it can also be the most difficult. Because their mind, their thoughts are very direct, straight, simple so they tend to go to the extremes."

Brian's face darkened, "Again, he's not your guinea pig, Carina."

Carina shivered because the room was quite chilly. She looked int

y. The same way he couldn't understand why Brian put everything aside about XK Intelligence Agency, Grand Night Casino and even the Empire just to stay in T City. And why on earth he would ask Carina to treat Mark.

He heaved a deep sigh and went on to relay Brian's orders to Shane and Harrow.

Meanwhile, in Taiwan at the Grace Garden, a sea of orange calla lilies sprout up and they were beautiful in the night light. When the wind blew, the flowers diffused their fragrance far and wide. The garden was meant to incite peace and beauty but now it just seemed miserable because of Spark.

Spark was the only one in Grace Garden at that time so he didn't have to hide anything. As he watched calla lilies dance along the wind, his eyes screamed of pain. His face twisted as he recalled all those unwanted memories.

After a long silence, he finally withdrew his gaze from the flowers. He bent down to gather some flowers and walked towards the backyard. He dragged himself to the backyard. He tightened his grip on the flowers in his hands when sighted the solitary headstone. He walked towards it slowly.

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