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   Chapter 458 Loving And Hating You At The Same Time (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5372

Updated: 2019-04-02 01:16

Regardless of how much I owed you and Becky, I've already paid for it, didn't I?'

The thought made Molly's eyes burn and she felt her vision blur at the tears. She turned her face aside so he didn't see her tears trickling down her face. After a moment of silence, she faced Brian again and this time looked straight into his eyes. "He is just a child, and he has never been separated from me since he was born. Without me by his side at night, he would be terrified. Bri, I'm begging you. Whatever plans you have for me, can you please let him go? He has nothing to do with what happened between us!"

Her voice broke as she said this. There was another long pause. Time seemed to stand still with the hostility in the air frozen. Brian's eyes narrowed with resentment. "Molly, am I always so cruel and ruthless in your eyes?" he asked.

When she did not answer, his heart felt numb before it hardened like stone. His deep, dark eyes appeared to swirl in despair. "You want me to let him go? There's only one way," he growled in contempt.

"What is it?" Molly asked anxiously. There was a mixture of terror and hope in her heart, but she remained strong. "Just tell me what it is!" Molly cried.

"Come back to me!"

Both were taken aback by Brian's words. He couldn't believe what he had just said, although for sure the words came from deep down his heart. Molly was dumbfounded. She felt numb all over but dismayed at the same time. For a moment, Molly was elated after Brian gave his condition. Unfortunately, Molly knew she could never agree.

"No!" Molly's voice rang out loud, though it so

ifferent entirely, in fact, it was the direct opposite. Take this meeting with Carina for instance. Although against his will, Brian was willing to use his father and mother's influence to fly Carina in. Even he did not expect to be having any connections with the arrogant and condescending woman. And all he did was doing for Mark's sake.

As long as Carina could cure the boy, this subservience and humility he showed her were only trivial.

Bowing his head slightly, Tony could not bear to see Brian behaving this way. To him, Brian was fearless, strong, and compelling. And this image of a man as mild and meek as a lamb as he stood before Carin was quite disturbing.

Slowly, Carina's temper subsided. Snorting in repulsion, she said, "I will go with you this time because of your sincerity. But don't expect me to forgive you for standing me up!" She sighed at the thought of the little boy, Mark. "Nevertheless, I can only guide you. Whether he can be totally cured will be up to him and his determination."

There was a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

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