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   Chapter 457 Loving And Hating You At The Same Time (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5511

Updated: 2019-04-02 01:16

But how could he bear to let her escape from his hands, from his control? Brian sighed deeply. It was fate. They were fated to be entangled in each other's lives, no matter if they loved or hated each other. But at that very moment, all he could think about was how to conquer conflicting feelings of infinite fury and inconceivable desire.

In his head, he was saying, 'No, Molly. You have no right to play this game. Only I can put an end to it.'

Brian never moved in his seat as Molly walked towards him and finally sat down slowly on the chair opposite him. His eyes seemed to have grown darker and gloomier as it filled with sorrow. No one dared to break the silence that had stretched uncomfortably. Brian and Molly just sat there looking into one another's eyes. How much hatred, or how much love did each have against the other? No one had the answer. If there was one thing they both knew for sure, it was that whether what they felt was love or hatred, in their hearts, no one could ever get away from the other.

Outside, darkness had fallen. The sun had disappeared into the horizon, leaving the sky dim and gloomy. Patches of light slanted through the window and cast shadows on their faces, with features so delicate and perfect.

Finally, Molly broke the prolonged silence. She took a deep breath to gather herself and challenged, "Did you take Mark?" she inquired. Inside, she didn't feel as bold as she sounded.

Instead of a simple question, it came out more like an interrogation. But that's because instinct told Molly that Brian had taken Mark. She refused to believe it was merely a coincidence that Brain was staying at

? Could she ever forget him?

Remembering how strongly she felt for Brian four years ago, it brought back to mind her weakness for the man. She had resolved to get away and leave everything behind, but her heart always betrayed Molly. The mere thought of Brian invariably made her come back. She hated remembering those things and did her best to cast them out of her mind although this was all in vain. Molly's eyes started to ache after staring at him for a long time, and this quickly reminded her how she finally made a decision and managed to get away.

"Just exchange them!" she remembered her words at that time. Three simple words were enough to put an end to her entangled heart and led to the conclusion of their relationship.

But Brian remained oblivious to it all. It never occurred to him to wonder why Molly decided to donate her retinas when she did. Did he ever think why, of all people, she decided to give her retinas to save Becky? Painfully, she thought, 'You don't understand, Brian. It was Becky that you cared for the most all the time. So why were you still after me?

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