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   Chapter 456 Loving And Hating You At The Same Time (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6235

Updated: 2019-04-02 00:51

"Can I?" the driver said helplessly. "I wish I could fly over all these cars. But, it's rush hour and we can only wait."

Staring anxiously at the cars that packed the road, she looked at her watch to check the time. Molly was losing hope that she could get to the Smile hotel within an hour before Brian leaves. But there was no other option. Nothing! Then it struck her that Brian might just be testing her to see if she would arrive on time, even if he had no plans to leave. Realizing the futility of sitting in the taxi and wasting time, she paid the fare and got off. She was determined to get there on foot.

Minutes ticked by, and the sun was slowly disappearing behind rows of spectacular high-rise buildings on the western side. Brian checked his watch. It was nearly half-past six, and still no sign of Molly. His brows furrowed as he looked out of the window. Mentally, he cursed himself for anticipating her arrival. But as he turned away from the window, his eyes fell on the bite mark on his wrist.

He stretched out his hand and gently touched the mark. His mind drifted off. Suddenly Brian was lost in thought, and his eyes turned dark and deep, similar to a bottomless fountain that glimmered in the moonlight.

Watching Brian by the door was Tony, who observed him as he pondered in complete silence. He, too, checked his watch. It was almost the appointed time. He came up to Brian and gently reminded him, "Mr. Brian Long, Carina's flight is about to land. We need to leave now."

Hearing Tony's words, Brian shook himself out of the trance. His eyes shifted from the bite mark to the scenery outside his window. His face was now steady and impassive as stone.

Nothing more needed to be said. It was Tony's responsibility to remind Brian of what he had to do, but ultimately, his boss had the final say in every decision.

With the cr

enough to be willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to get what he desired or to suit his purposes as if the only person he was concerned about in this world was himself.

Watching Molly slowly walk up to him, Brian felt as tense and uneasy as she did. There was a heaviness to his soul, and pain in his heart as the woman he loved came closer and closer. For the last four years, there was never a night when he didn't dream of her delicate yet adorable face, her clear and bright eyes. Brian could not believe that right this moment that woman watching him with large wondering eyes stood in front of him. There was this impulse to rush to her and encircle her in his arms, to hold Molly, and never let her go. Despite years of separation, it thrilled him to realize his uncanny desire for Molly was just as strong. For Brian, Molly was the only person in the world who confused him. She was the only one who held some sort of power over him physically and spiritually. And because she was formidable and inscrutable, Molly was the only person he considered special in his life. And now she was here, standing before him. Somewhere deep in his heart, Brian wondered whether he should keep Molly with him forever or to finally let her go.

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