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   Chapter 455 Loving And Hating You At The Same Time (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5640

Updated: 2019-04-02 00:12

Molly's brows were tightly knitted. She detested his distant and aloof manner.

The tension combined with indignation nearly pushed Molly to smash her phone to the ground thinking it would help release the rage bubbling inside her.

"Where are you?" she asked, gritting her teeth in fury.

There was a brief silence. Brian didn't answer at once, taken aback by the strong emotions vibrating from Molly. He wasn't quite prepared to deal with her in this state. After collecting himself, he altered his voice to make it seem he was indifferent and replied, "The dessert shop opposite Flight Media."

Without asking any more questions, Molly hung up the phone. She refused to tolerate this form of oppression that made her suffer through panic and fury while thinking something horrible would happen. To calm herself, Molly took a moment to stand perfectly still without saying a word.

She shut her eyes, felt her chest rise and fall and concentrated on breathing slowly to purge all the stress and uneasiness she was currently feeling so she could regain her balance. After several minutes, her eyes suddenly opened, glinting to show off renewed strength. Molly took a deep breath and walked determinedly out of the hotel. Once on the street, she hailed a taxi to bring her to the dessert shop located in the most affluent shopping area in all of T City.

Meanwhile, the object of her fury sat back in comfort. Brian was not at the Dessert Shop like he'd told Molly on the phone. After ending their conversation, he made no move to head to the place. Instead, he took his time enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. Thirty minutes later, his phone rang again. He knew

his skepticism and reluctance to concede that he was giving more weight to Molly's pain and tension rather than the resentment he felt.

The click on the other end of the line sent a shudder down Molly's spine as anger continued to consume her. She could barely tolerate Brian's impersonal and ruthless behavior. But there was nothing she could do at the moment to get out of an impossible situation. Quickly, Molly rose and hurried towards the door.

"Excuse me, Miss? You forgot your cake!" the waiter called behind her.

She heard the boy but didn't turn around or slow her pace. Loudly, she said, "Don't bother. You can have it!"

Molly rushed out, leaving the waiter standing looking stupid with a cake in his hands.

Unfortunately, Molly ran right smack into rush hour. Since she was in the central downtown area, the streets were full of people and vehicles. It took her twenty minutes before she finally boarded a taxi. But with traffic so bad, vehicles slowed to a crawl. The traffic jam made Molly more tense and agitated until she finally begged the driver, "I'm sorry. But can't you drive any faster?"

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