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   Chapter 454 The Cycle of Fate (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8425

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Being quite a smart boy, he was obviously surprised that the stranger beside him knew his name. He didn't recognize the man who was better looking but less comfortable than his daddy.

Brian turned his head slowly towards the boy. His penetrating eyes raked the boy from head to foot. Despite his baby face, it wasn't difficult to see that Mark looked like Molly very much. Looking at the innocent face in front of him with somewhat familiar features, Brian clenched his fists. He had an indescribable impulse to tear the kid in front of him to pieces.

Perhaps it was because he sensed Brian's silent animosity that Mark suddenly stood up. He took a few steps backward out of fear, as if keeping a small distance between them could give him a sense of safety.

Seeing Mark's actions, Brian's face turned gloomy. He could see that Mark wanted to escape, which reminded him of Molly's attitude towards him.

"Are you scared of me?" Brian asked the little boy, his tone indifferent. At that moment he didn't wish to scare the boy so he treated him with indifference.

Mark's big eyes blinked. He began gesticulating then suddenly stopped. He lowered his head slowly out of self-abasement, which was partly hidden and partly visible on his face.

Looking at the boy coldly, Brian sneered and said harshly, "If you look down upon yourself, how could you expect other people to respect you?"

Hearing the insulting words, Mark raised his head and glared at Brian angrily. He waved his small fists at Brian threateningly. Then he raised his little chin and ejected a lot of air from his nose.

Brian smiled contemptuously. Taking his eyes away from the angry boy, he said coldly. " There is no doubt that you are Molly Xia's son!"

Mark frowned, confusion was evident on his face at the mention of his mom. However, his little face was filled with anger again at Brian's next words.

"You are the same with her, always stupidly hiding your own feeling of humbleness with anger."

As soon as he finished saying that, Brian stood up and took one last look at Mark and said coldly, "Take him back to the villa!"

Mark frowned, wondering who the man was addressing. Mark only saw that as soon as he finished saying that, he left him and strode back to the hotel with one of his hands in his trouser pocket. Mark was still puzzled by the remark that he didn't notice that someone had come to stand beside him. Without saying anything, the man clamped his arms, and despite Mark's protest brought him to the parking

cely. The hand holding the phone was shaking uncontrollably that she had to grab it with her other hand to steady it.

As the screen turned dark, Molly felt so sad and worried that she snuffled heavily. Taking a deep breath, she pressed the "send" key and placed the phone by the side of her ear.

Brian glanced at his cellphone that was vibrating on top of the table. Turning his head slightly, he looked out of the big window to the small garden outside. The setting sun was bouncing golden hues across Molly's thin body while a gentle breeze ruffled her hair. For a moment, Brian basked at the poignantly beautiful scene in front of him, his eyes inscrutable.

The phone had not been picked up. Molly dialed again, and this time, the call was answered right away.

"Brian Long, where is Mark?" Molly asked without preamble as soon as the line was connected. She didn't care if she sounded brusque and impatient, as long as she got her answer!

There was nothing except silence on the other side. Molly took a deep breath and asked again, "Brian Long, has Mark been taken away by you?"

Brian looked at Molly indifferently. "I'm very happy… that you can still remember my number!" he drawled sarcastically.

Hearing the cold and familiar voice on the phone, Molly's body went into shock. It was as if her vital acupoints were attacked simultaneously that she couldn't move at all.

All of a sudden, she had a sick feeling at the pit of her stomach. Her fate had come full circle, and she was back to the point where it all started...

At that moment, the indifferent and domineering voice broke into her horrified thoughts. "If you want to see him, come to me!"

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