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   Chapter 453 The Cycle of Fate (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8412

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The symphony of fate plays a tune we must dance to again and again. No matter where the music will end, it would restart from the same point until the cycle is completed… In the cycle of life, the note would contain joys and sorrows, despair and hope which are inevitable in life!


Sitting in one of the private rooms at Romantic Club, Molly felt rather uncomfortable. The soft lighting created an intimate atmosphere suitable for lovers, not for old acquaintances.

Romantic Club was the top recreation destination in T City. Ever since its opening, it had been recognized as the unquestionable leader when it came to entertainment venues in the whole Glacier Road. It's the first time Molly had set foot inside the club, but it could be said that this place was no stranger to her.

"What would you like to drink?" Eric had not taken his eyes off Molly since he entered Romantic Club. After four years, she had almost become a complete stranger. She had changed a lot…The cowardly girl had been transformed into a strong-willed woman who emitted a kind of light that attracted the attention of people around her.

Frowning inwardly, Eric's heart contracted as he contemplated in what kind of circumstance, she had married Spark.

Molly didn't feel like having a drink with Eric. Shaking her head, she asked him directly, "What do you want to know?"

Her straightforward question surprised Eric. A devilish smile curved his attractive mouth. He couldn't help but think to himself, 'Little Molly has really changed!'

"You know what I want to ask," said Eric, his eyebrows curving upwards arrogantly. "Don't you?"

Molly frowned slightly. She could sense a partly hidden and partly visible air of danger from Eric, she couldn't help but clench her hands. "I'm sure you have already investigated and confirmed it. I don't think it's necessary for you to ask for my confirmation."

"Hum!" He sneered, looking at Molly with narrowed eyes. He said slowly and with sarcastic deliberation, "Don't tell me that you married Spark because you fell in love with him!"

Unable to hide from Eric's searching eyes, Molly felt nervous and flustered. She tried hard to look calm and unaffected by his probing questions. "As you already know, I married Spark not because I fell in love with him, but because of Mark. Isn't that what your investigators told you?"

Hearing that, Eric leaned towards Molly abruptly. The corner of his mouth quivered slightly and he gnashed his teeth. "Is it solely because of Mark

ost five years of loneliness had been bottled up deep inside her heart. Meeting Eric made her think of what could have been, if she didn't run away all those years ago. Rubbing the tears from her eyes she turned to Eric and said, "I really have to go back..."

Without another word, Molly turned her back and started walking towards the exit. However, she had taken only a few steps when her arm was grabbed abruptly from behind. Losing her balance, she suddenly found herself being pulled back to a strong chest.

Instinctively, Molly struggled to free herself from Eric's imprisoning arms. She roared angrily, "Eric, let me go!"

"Molly." turning her around, Eric kept Molly's arms in his strong grip. His eyes were filled with a dangerous light as they bore down on Molly's face. "Since we haven't looked for you for so long a time, do you really think that you can easily get rid of me and my cousin, now that we've found you?" asked him.

The words hit Molly like a thunderbolt. Shock kept her frozen and unable to react. All of a sudden, she was catapulted back to the dark and distant past. A voice which sounded like that of a ghost in an abyss thundered above her head, "You cannot escape!"


At the Smile Hotel, Mark looked curiously at the man sitting next to him.

Like most kids, he had a thirst for prying into everything that caught his attention. Being a child, he had no qualms to be caught staring with his big eyes by the man beside him.

Brian was aware that Mark had been staring at him for some time. Not bothering to look at the boy, he asked in an indifferent tone, "You are Mark Su?" Mark nodded slowly, wrinkling his face in surprise.

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