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   Chapter 451 Seeing Eric Again (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6645

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In our lives, some things are inevitable, like our destiny; some are irreversible, like our fate to meet with the one we love; some are indelible, like memories; some are impossible to let go, like love.

Spark sat in his seat on the plane with his dark brown sunglasses perching on top of his nose covering his eyes. His plane was bound for Taipei. He looked out the window, one hand propped against his jaw. He watched the clouds drift in and out, getting more miserable as each second passed.

Even after all these years, he still couldn't forget about that horrible day. Maybe he never really would get over it. Maybe it would always haunt him and follow him for the rest of his life.

He grimaced as his emotions took over him. His twitched and his eyes were starting to well up. He closed his eyes and tried to contain his emotions.

When the plane landed at the Taoyuan International Airport at Taiwan, Spark robotically got off the plane and claimed his luggage. This was the last place he wanted to be yet here he was back again year after year. He strode through the airport grimly.

He took his sunglasses off when he reached the gate. At the entrance of the airport was parked a car and standing next to it was a man at whom Spark sneered. He ignored both the man and the car and opted for a cab instead. The cab sped away as soon as Spark entered the cab.

"Mr. Su, Mr. Spark is gone," the man bowed as he said this to someone inside the car.

Suddenly, the car window was rolled down revealing an old man with a beard. You could see where the years had not been good to him. "Notify the rest and get them out of there," the old man ordered.

"Yes, Mr. Su." The man bowed again as the car left. After that, he took his phone out and relayed the order that the men stationed in Grace Garden leave Spark alone.

In his cab, Spark left the car window rolled down allowing the breeze to tousle his hair and to blow at his face. But his eyes were blank as he followe

se husband was Frank, leader of Dragon Empire Group. She was also the other girl who had started the company with Iris, the CEO of Dream Media.

As for Iris, she was very surprised to hear that Eric was going to preside at this small meeting about some charity concert. Her assistant nodded to confirm the information. "Who's attending this meeting? Is there anyone special?"

Her assistant handed her a copy of the meeting agenda as she said, "Spark is. But aside from him, no one special is going to be at the meeting as far as I know."

Iris looked through the name list and she saw a name that made Eric's request to preside over that meeting suddenly unsurprising: Molly. "All right, since Eric wants to preside, let him do it," Iris said.

Her assistant nodded and then left.

As soon as her assistant closed the door, Iris called Smart. "Molly's in T City," she blurted out as soon as Smart answered the call.

For a while, Smart was completely silent at the other end. Then she said slowly as if she was carefully choosing her words, "Iris, let Eric do whatever he wants. He has history with this Molly and they should figure it out on their own. There isn't much we can do about it."

Iris agreed with a sigh. She dropped the subject and didn't bring it up again throughout their entire conversation.

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