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   Chapter 450 Time Never Does Pain Any Favors (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5563

Updated: 2019-04-01 00:12

Eric was leaning over the guard rail along the riverside of Danube. His eyes were thoughtful as he said, "I heard from Becky that you had some trouble with Spark today. "

"You never get tired meddling with my business, huh,"

Brian answered calmly. Eric beamed and replied, "You should say... of anything that has to do with Molly."

Brian wasn't so surprised that Eric knew where Molly was. They didn't try to look for her all these years but they were both aware that they never forgot Molly for a single minute. Brian knew Molly was destined for him. No one could take Molly away from him. Not even Eric.

The night was chilly and damp. Eric hung up, fixed himself, and turned so that his back was leaning against the rail. He motioned for Lenny to come closer so he could order her, "Find out everything you can about Molly in the past four years."

"Yes, sir." Lenny nodded. She looked at Eric, sighing. She couldn't help but feel helpless at Eric's bad life choices.

Time flew by. Soon, Wing and Weston's concert was done and so was Spark's solo performance. In that span of time, Brian didn't show himself to Molly. Molly had now stopped worrying. She was starting to feel relieved. She was certain now that she had just been paranoid.

"Mol," Spark said as Molly packed up his violin, "Are you sure you want to go to T City with Mark? That's very risky."

"Yes, I'm sure." Molly answered. When she saw how concerned Spark was, she pursed her lips and added, "I wasn't born yesterday, you know. Besides, you're coming too, right? Just a few days later but still, you'll be there."

"But..." Spark still couldn't shake off the worry, "But, I

an answer, okay?"

Molly could feel Spark's heart racing and her eyes were starting to well up. Was it time for her to move on and really accept her new life?

"I have a past..."

"I don't care."

"Mark isn't your son."

"Yes, he is!" Spark insisted, teeth grinding, "He has my surname, he cries in my arms, he lets me carry him, he calls me dad. Mark is my son."

His pure heart touched Molly's soul. She was crying happy tears now, "Aren't you curious about my past? About... About Mark's biological father?"

Spark slowly opened his eyes, looked into the distance before answering, "The only thing I care about is our future."

His persistence made Molly happy. She held herself together and said with a big smile, nodding, "Okay, after the concert, I'll give you the answer."

Spark smiled in relief and answered, "Okay." He was elated.

But they had no idea that their happiness was short-lived because this would all go away once Molly went to the T City. All of their hopes and dreams would be destroyed before they were even built.

Their lives from here on would change forever.

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