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   Chapter 449 Time Never Does Pain Any Favors (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5338

Updated: 2019-04-01 00:02

When they were heading back to the hotel from the Golden Hall, Molly wasn't acting like herself

that even oblivious Manny noticed.

He eyed Spark as if to ask him what was going on but he got no response.

Spark kept his face expressionless but deep down, it killed him to not know why Molly was acting so strange. But he chose to keep quiet and not ask her partially because he didn't even like Brian, let alone probing into something related to him. It was obvious that Molly was acting strange because she wanted to get away from Brian so bad.

As Spark's mind raced, he glanced at Mark who was sitting quietly reading his comic book. Mark couldn't speak and wasn't a very quick learner either. So they tried their best to provide Mark with all kinds of books that could help him.

Spark continued to stare at Mark who was the spitting image of Molly.

When the car pulled over, Spark snapped out of it. He fixed himself and smiled at Mark, "Mark, we're here now."

Mark humbly folded his comic book and put it away inside his backpack. Meanwhile, Molly was still somewhere far off. She seemed to realize that she had drifted off so she quickly pulled the door open and hopped off. She pretended to be present by helping Mark get off the car.

But none of this slipped by Spark. He was starting to become worried but he tried his best to hide it from his face. Keeping his smile on, he extended his arms and offered to take Mark, "It's okay, I'll hold him."

Mark, in response, leaned over so that Spark could reach for him and he wormed into Spark's arms comfortably. His face b

t, Mark never uttered a word when Manny was outside the studio talking to him.

Brian stepped out of the hotel with a wicked grin pasted on his face. Tony trailed him behind as they headed to the car. As soon as Brian entered the car, he dialed a phone number. "Would the medicine have affected Molly's kid had she been pregnant at that time?" Brian asked as soon as the call was picked up.

Elias was sound asleep after working hard in developing a new type of medicine. So you could only imagine his confusion when he got woken up at the middle of the night by a phone call from Brian with random questions. It took a while before Elias was able to figure out what was going on, "I'm not sure. I can only find out if she gets pregnant again so I can take another blood test. Then we can find out if it would have affected the baby."

Brian scowled and hung up the phone without another word.

The moment Brian hung up, his phone rang again. He checked who was calling before he answered it.

"You're not with Wing?' Eric's voice was cheeky and distant.

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