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   Chapter 448 I Won’t Let You Leave Me Again (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7562

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:58

Her scream echoed through the quiet corridor, giving people the creeps. But Spark didn't stop. He kept walking, holding Molly's hand. But somehow, he felt a strong sense of loss. He just wanted to take Molly away from Brian, far far away. As to why, he did not know.

Molly tried to keep up with Spark. She didn't know who Sophie was. Nor did she care. Obviously, Sophie was just someone Spark didn't want to talk to, so she wasn't worried. At that moment, all she wanted was to get out of that place.

Brian walked out of the lounge. He stood at the door, watching Molly leave frantically with Spark. The look in his eyes had not changed. A faint significant smile touched his lips.

"Turns out that even the daughter of the distinguished Roberts family can lose it over a man," Brian said sarcastically. Then he glanced at Sophie contemptuously. Sophie was in a daze first and then glared at Brian. "Don't even think about laying a finger on her. You wouldn't be able to bear the consequences."

His warning sounded casual, but Sophie withdrew half a step back in fright upon hearing it. Brian's cruel aura chilled her. Standing near him made her feel like she had fallen into an ice cellar.

Brian didn't say another word to Sophie. Although the Roberts family were powerful British aristocrats, in his eyes, they were nobodies.

In this world, no one was allowed to touch Molly, except him.

Brian's eyes seemed calm, yet underneath the serene surface were the tangles of love and hate. 'Molly, we are destined to love and hate each other in this life. How can I let you run away from me this time?'

Brian went back to the backstage lounge of the first concert hall. Both Wing and Becky felt his icy aura as soon as he stepped in. Becky thought Brian was mad because he had failed in asking Spark to co-play the piece of music, but Wing knew Brian better and she sensed something different about him.

Becky approached him and put her arm in his. "Brian, what did Spark say?" she asked.

Brian looked at Becky, who fluttered her eyelashes at him. Part of those big eyes used to be Molly's. Brian stared Becky in the eye, as if he could see Molly if he stared harder. However, she was not Molly! She could never be Mol!

Brian slowly took his

shut the door behind him with a slam. Becky's heart was shattered with that sound. Tears flooded in her eyes and ran down her cheeks. "No! This is not true! Brian wouldn't leave me! No, he won't!" Becky mumbled, shaking her head.

Wing sighed at the scene. She walked over to support Becky who was collapsing from the shock. "Becky, love cannot be forced. Otherwise, neither you nor Brian will be happy," she said, as she wiped Becky's tears.

Becky looked at Wing with tearful eyes, at a loss. Wing's words pained her deeply. Why should she sacrifice her happiness for Molly?

Becky was filled with resentment. Her beautiful eyes went dim with hate. Seeing the expression on Becky's face, Wing shook her head, knowing that it would be of no use saying anything else. If Becky couldn't figure it out herself, nobody else could help her.

The sun was setting over the Danube River. The slow breeze blew across the river, as if it was playing the most beautiful rhythm in the City of Music.

Brian sat in the hotel lounge, elegant and sluggish, legs overlapped, fingers casually tapping the arm of the sofa. He gazed at the busy traffic on the road through the gigantic bright window. When an MPV slowed down in front of the hotel and finally came to a stop, a familiar figure stepped out of the vehicle. A faint sneer appeared on Brian's face. But when that figure turned around and cradled a little boy out of the vehicle, Brian's face froze with an almost unnoticeable expression of astonishment.

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