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   Chapter 447 I Won’t Let You Leave Me Again (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5950

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:58

Goldfish don't miss their owners, because they never get attached. Humans pine for their loved ones when they are apart. Longing consumes them. The only outlet is to relive the old days, again and again in their heads.

Molly tried to look strong upon seeing Brian again, but his words made her firmness tumble down like crumbling building blocks. Her legs went numb and she felt like she was losing consciousness. She withdrew involuntarily until her feet touched the stairs behind her and she had nowhere left to run.

Brian reached his hand out instinctively to grab Molly as she was about to fall. But someone else reached her faster than him-- a man who wasn't as robust as Brian, but was strong enough to protect Molly. He held her in his arm and asked, "Mol, are you hurt?"

Molly raised her head and saw that it was Spark who was holding her in his arm. He had his violin and the bow in the other hand. She shook her head in response to Spark's question and stood up straight.

Brian's hand which had been stretched out to support Molly froze in mid-air for a few seconds and then he withdrew it slowly. With his hands in his trouser pockets, Brian stood there with a poker face, silently watching Spark and Molly, who were standing so close to each other that their bodies were touching. There was no expression on Brian's face. Even the chillness which was emanating from him when he had come in had now disappeared. For a moment, Molly thought that he was not real; she thought that she might be delusional.

"Mr. Brian Long, are you here to see me? " Spark didn't know about Molly's relationship with Brian. However, Brian's appearance didn't surprise him. He had heard from Manny that Wing and Weston were going to hold a concert in this place. He assumed that B

elegant girl with blond hair and green eyes was standing at the door, checking out Molly disdainfully.

Molly didn't know what was going on. The loathing on the girl's face confused her. She looked at the foreign girl and thought hard. After a while, she was sure that she had never met her before. She wondered why a stranger would be so hostile towards her.

Sophie jutted her chin forward and saw Spark holding Molly's hand. As a British aristocrat princess, she had helped Spark four years ago. She had encouraged and even flattered him, but in return, all she got was a cold shoulder. Spark didn't even want to look at her. However, he was holding this girl's hand, a girl who looked so plain. Was such a girl better than a princess in his eyes? Sophie was furious. "Spark-"

"Sophie!" Spark interrupted her. The usual arrogance on his face was replaced by cold impatience. "I am busy. I don't want to talk about anything right now!"

With that, he pushed Sophie aside rudely and walked away with Molly towards the concert hall where Michelle was rehearsing.

Sophie tried to contain her rage, but her twisted face betrayed her emotions. "Spark!" she shouted after them.

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