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   Chapter 446 An Unforgettable Memory (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5661

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:57

He slowly took his hand off the door and trod lightly towards Molly. Molly instinctively took a few steps backward as Brian moved closer to her. Brian smiled sarcastically when he noticed how anxious Molly was. She was scared of him. She was still scared of him. Until now. After all they had been through together, even after she had depended on him when she couldn't trust anyone else, she was still scared of him. Only when they were in actual grave danger would she think to trust him. But other than that, all she ever did was stay away from him.

Brian stalled in front of Molly so they stood face to face close enough that Molly couldn't escape. She had no choice but to force herself to raise her head and look him in the eye. The light that was shining on the dresser reflected on her eyes revealing how scared and anxious she was. She couldn't stand watching him watch her - she wanted to run away so bad.

Unsurprisingly, it stung for Brian that she was so scared of him. His mouth twisted into a smile before greeting her, enunciating each word slowly, "Mol, long time no see. How have you been? "

Molly composed herself and leaned back to the dresser for support. It took a while before she was able to fully be calm and pull herself together. She scrunched her face on what she aimed to be a smile, "Thanks for asking. I'm fine. How about you, Mr. Brian Long?"

Molly thought she would never be able to get a word out but as her lips moved, she proved herself otherwise. Four years might sound long but the time had passed by in a blimp. What she was worried about all those years was only that nightmare. When standing here now, in actual reality, she wasn't so scared of hi


You're a loser!'

Brian kept forwarding towards Molly taking his time. Every step he took quickened Molly's breath and constricted her chest further. She was finding it hard to breathe now.

A thousand times over the past four years did Molly imagine their first meeting. But not once in those thousands of times did she imagine it to play out like this. This was the exact opposite of what she had expected.

He remembered the time she had left. He had never been so indifferent towards anything. And right now, even though his eyes were the shade of a beautiful blue, to Molly it looked like the dangerous kind of red. This fear that Molly felt made her more determined to make sure that she would never be in that position again.

Molly continued to step backwards until she was at the stairway that led to the stage with no other way out. While she was retreating, she asked, "Brian, you didn't come here to look for me, did you?"

Brian kept his gaze on Molly who was obviously just pretending to be calm. With a teasing look in his eyes, he carefully said each word, "At first, I wasn't. But now, I am.


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