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   Chapter 444 Chasing Memories (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6418

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Maybe, he was. He once fell in love with a woman who couldn't show it to him back. His love was all in vain and here, in love. He learned to be selfish because he needed to protect himself against uneasiness.


Molly was skimming through her documents about the Handicapped Children Charity Concert. No one could know for sure but maybe Molly was passionate about causes about child rescue or salvation or assistance because of Mark.

Molly stopped looking through the documents as her mind wandered. Mark was already three and a half years old which meant that more than four years had passed. She hadn't been to the city for a long time. The city where she had a lot of memories that she often forget - something she thought would never happen. There she left that man, and all the pain, and everything in between.

But she often had dreams about that time and every time she woke up from those dreams, she realized it was futile to even try. She tried her best to not even think about what would happen to her if she didn't have Mark or Spark.

For the past four years, she hadn't known for sure if her mother really was dead as Edgar had told her or if her father or Daniel had been found. She had no idea where they all were and even if she tried to look for them, she wouldn't know where to start.

And as for that man...

Molly pressed her lips lightly. It had been so long ago. At that time, she should not have been seduced by the sense of security that he offered her and she also wasn't willing to give her retinas to Becky at all. But now she was just grateful that she wasn't blind and that at least she had Mark and Spark. And that was more than enough for her.

In the past four years, she had Mark and Spark and she thanked God for that. Despite everything that she went through, there were people who loved her and cared for her.

This made Molly smile - the corners of her mouth liftin

rauma and pain he went through every time he was there. This woman with that voice had changed him - he could feel every inch of pain. In that way, every inch of his body would have that woman's name stamped on it.

When he returned from Hell Forest, it was like a beast had been unleashed. He would now be able to take over XK Intelligence Agency completely.

Everyone believed that the first thing Brian would do once he had taken over XK Intelligence Agency was to find Molly. Brian thought so too because finding Molly was the only thing he held on to as he went through training in the past three years. He had been the only one to walk out of the whole Hell Forest Mountains alive. However, when he took over the agency, he chose to not look for her. Instead, he gave himself and Molly another chance, a chance beyond redemption.

As his mind raced through all these thoughts, his eyes darkened as a heavy black haze clouded over them. He stared intently at the door while his hand was frozen on the door knob.

Meanwhile, Molly was frowning because someone had knocked yet no one had come in. She decided to set aside the documents and open the door herself. But before she could even take a step, the door slowly opened. When the man walked in, Molly froze.


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