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   Chapter 443 Chasing Memories (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6507

Updated: 2019-03-30 00:16

You'll never know what thoughts will fill your mind because memory can be quite unreliable.


As Weston watched Brian take a walk, he mumbled to Wing, "It's becoming harder to deal with Brian."

As he spoke, he glanced at Becky who was brimming with anger towards Brian who had slammed the door shut in her face earlier. Weston sighed and thought to himself, 'The Long Family is cursed in love, each one worse than the other, but more persistent than the other.'

Wing looked at Weston then at Becky who was still shaking with anger. Wing sighed as she wondered how Brian felt about Becky now. She was unsure because the crash had long passed but Brian was still acting this way. Could it possibly have something do with Molly's retinas?

Wing laughed to herself as she thought about the situation. She didn't know where it was coming from maybe for Brian or maybe for Becky. Who knew?

Brian went in with smoke above his head that reeked of treachery. He had just asked around if anyone had seen where Spark was and was now walking towards the backstage of the No. 4 Hall. He looked so cold as he slipped his hands in his trousers. He made his way backstage at a steady pace, his face determined.

His shiny leather shoes clicked every time it hit the floor.

Meanwhile, at the No. 4 Hall backstage, Spark was waiting with his violin ready. He looked over to Mark who gestured to cheer him on. He squatted so he could talk to Mark, "Mark, mommy's birthday is coming up…" He glanced at Molly who was going through the papers in her hands. It seemed like she was tidying up. "Do you know what she wants most for her birthday?" Spark continued. "You have to try harder than that!" he grimaced as he said this.

Mark turned around to look at Molly. He pressed his lips together and nodded to Spark. Mark reached up to plant a kiss on Spark's face and he gestured as if to say "I'll try my best!"

Spark rubbed Mark's head fondly an

ad been uttered from Mark. Spark and Molly tried all they could to guide and support him and induce speaking but to no avail. Molly had since accepted that Mark might never speak but Spark could tell that there was still some part of Molly that was afraid. One night while they were sitting on the steps, she broke down and cried in Spark's arms. She was such a young girl deep inside yet she was carrying the burden of an old woman, a mother. She was scared that Mark would never be able to speak.

It wasn't until then that Spark found out that Molly herself experienced that. Molly had a certain understanding of what was happening because she herself had gone through the same thing. Maybe, that's why she had trouble accepting Mark's fate.

Spark could do nothing but empathize with Molly. No matter what happened, his love for her would never fade. He played The Summer Breeze over and over again, losing himself in the melody.

He couldn't figure out why he named this new melody, A Mark of Summer Was it because he expected Mark to be the bridge between him and Molly or was it because he wanted Molly to remember her rebirth and the birth of Mark could not have been realized without him? The latter was what Spark refused to admit even to himself, because it made him look selfish.

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